Fountains in the yard can be of various shapes, but it is important that they fit into the environment

Fountains in the yard can be of various shapes, but it is important that they fit into the environment
Fountains are beautiful and useful, but also a necessary part of the ambience of every yard. They can be made of brick or stone, cast from concrete with reinforcement, made of artificial marble (a mixture of polyester and ground marble), metal and even wood. Fountains are a decoration and a necessity because they refine the yard space. The fountain is useful for watering grass and flowers, fruits and vegetables, washing hands while working in the garden and on the land when arranging the garden.
The garden owner should combine the beautiful and the useful when choosing an outdoor fountain
Faucets should be functional. A man buys an outdoor fountain because he needs to use water in the yard. First you need to find a place for the fountain, and then think about the aesthetics and adjustment of other details.
You should think about the use and purpose of the fountain in the yard. That is why the fountain should be placed in a place where it will not interfere with other chores in the yard. It can be installed as a wall fountain or a free-standing fountain directly in front of the house or anywhere in the yard.
The choice of place to install the yard fountain depends on the way the fountain is supplied with water (water supply, well, rainwater collection tank or something similar).
It is most practical to place the fountain near the existing water installations.
There is no need to sacrifice the functionality of the yard in order to save a few meters of plastic pipes. However, installing and installing a fountain in the yard requires effort and skill.
For a “standing” fountain, it is necessary to concrete a small foundation to ensure stability and to ensure that the fountain stays in the desired position for a long time. Wall faucets are attached to the surface on which they will stand with the help of strong screws.
The concrete fountain can be finished with a “shirt” made of cement or washed fine-grained concrete, or it can be covered with different materials (such as stone slabs, ceramic slabs, multi-colored mosaic, and it can also be painted). The colors used for finishing decorative fountains are water-based. These are stable colors and the tone is chosen according to the wishes of the customer.
The fountain should be built so that the water pipes (inside the fountain) are thermally insulated as well as possible. This avoids the freezing of water in the pipes during the winter (which can again cause the pipes to burst). Water must not even penetrate the building material because it would freeze there during the winter. This means that the surface layer would crack. The safest way to avoid damage is to drain the water from the pipe (in the tap) during severe frosts (especially if insufficient thermal insulation is provided).
Full and well-baked brick should be provided, which is as less porous as possible and resistant to atmospheric influences (primarily moisture and frost) – if you choose/build a brick fountain.
It is important that the drainage of the water from the fountain drain is carried out correctly. The drain should function so that the unclogging of the sewage system is easy and accessible. The drain should have a grate (so that leaves and other materials do not clog the sewer pipe). These are all technical details related to the construction and functioning of the fountain.

The visual effect of the fountain is equally important
In earlier times, no special attention was paid to decorating the yard, and especially not to the construction and appearance of the outdoor fountain. People built palaces and outdoor fountains looked more like handiwork and the work of children. Today, attention is paid to the appearance of the fountain. Outdoor fountains can be shaped differently (in the form of a natural stone spring or as a small antique pump from a grandmother’s photo, in the form of a classic or abstract figure, ornate or simple lines, etc.). The fountain can be designed in an imaginative and original way, especially for the owner who wants an interesting and attractive outdoor fountain solution. For example, a tree trunk that is hollowed out and left in its original shape can be useful. Faucets can be purchased in various and imaginative shapes, specially designed for the garden (for example, with valves in the shape of a bird, owl, dragonfly, etc.).
It is very practical to have a work surface next to an outdoor faucet
The work surface would be very useful in the garden. Dishes, washed fruit, a bucket of water, a pot of flowers, various tools and the like can be placed on such a surface.
A hanging garden can also be made from a fountain
Indentations or containers can be installed in the frame of the faucet. Various colorful flowers can be planted in pots and recesses, or leave climbing plants to grow naturally.
The possibilities of installing a faucet are endless and depend on taste and price
It is important to match the style of the fountain with the environment in which the fountain will be installed. The colors and method of finishing should be in harmony with the facade and color of the house, the fence and other elements in the yard.

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