Every diet so far has been unsuccessful (tips)

Every diet so far has been unsuccessful (tips)
Many people complain that their body weight is always the same even though they reduce portions, avoid sweets, bread and constantly exercise. The body somehow prevents weight loss. Some people still lose a few kilos that somehow come back after a few months. French psychiatrist Stéphane Clerget says, “Unconsciously, it is possible that the person likes his own curves and is not ready to give up the weight.” There are possible causes of failed diets.

  1. Women are genetically large, or maybe a grandmother, aunt, cousin (whom everyone talks about with great enthusiasm) was a beauty. A person from such a family has an unconscious tendency to feel bad if he is not similar to strong female figures from his own family. Giving up is never an option for strong women in every sense. That is why this woman (with a failed diet) feels like a kind of traitor to her own family. She subconsciously doesn’t want to be kicked out of that clan.
  2. The person (whose weight loss was unsuccessful) is probably not aware that his weight is like a protective barrier from the outside world, which is a potential danger. Curves are then body armor that bullets from the outside world cannot harm. It is a form of magical protection born in childhood. This form is from the play of a superhero or superheroine resistant to everything (to which this person unknowingly remained faithful).
  3. Excess weight can also be an alibi against the game of seduction that this person is potentially afraid of, or a way to escape from a love relationship.
  4. Gaining weight and its constant repetition (and the inability to lose weight, especially after a painful divorce and love disappointments). It is always the right time for these people to build more mature and developed defense mechanisms. They need to set real boundaries so that other people stop being a nuisance.
  5. Today there is a lot of popular literature written for building one’s own personality and self-affirmation. In the beginning, these people can be tested (if someone insinuates that they cross the line, then that act should not be allowed, but clearly, loudly and briefly explain that the others in the line are also waiting for a long time. Kilograms will no longer be necessary if the person manages to protect himself with words.
  6. A person should determine the time for “reconstruction” (after a painful breakup) and draw a lesson from that love relationship. By developing a radar for potentially dangerous partners, then that person won’t need a kilo of armor.
  7. Some people with unsuccessful weight loss fear that they will lose their identity and that they will no longer recognize themselves. Their curves give them a sense of existence but also a certain comfort. What remains if the kilograms are eliminated. When they get used to the “strong” characterization, it’s hard to get used to something more acceptable, but it’s possible (witty, good housewife, good cook, friend, etc.).
  8. Some people feel totally lost just at the thought of being left without an acceptable label. We should also add the influence of the environment (which can oppose the desire to change for fear of losing some privileges).
  9. You should always choose a gradual change (even when eliminating extra pounds). You should choose a diet that allows you to lose body mass in a systematic way. Time and the environment will then be an ally in accepting the new image.
  10. You should choose a specific moment when choosing dietary nutrition. For example, after pregnancy (which has already significantly changed the image of a pregnant woman) or moving, or changing jobs (then people are in contact with new people who do not have a built-up image of them).
  11. It is recommended to follow weight loss forums and connect with other people in a similar situation. And such people will need your support, and you can be their support when using dietary nutrition regimes – concludes psychiatrist Stéphane Clerget.




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