Healthy and sincere laughter extends human life by 10 minutes

Healthy and sincere laughter extends human life by 10 minutes
Laughter (and smiling) is connected with physical and mental health on a physiological level. Laughter and smiles extend human life by 10 minutes. This fact has been known to people for a long time, although scientists are constantly conducting numerous studies related to laughing and smiling. A serious facial expression is neutral, while there should be a reason for laughing and smiling. Many people do not find meaningless smiles or fake and commercial smiles attractive. These are expressions of formality and often insincerity, but also a means of manipulation. Laughing should be healthy, deep, sincere and “full of heart from the depths of the soul”.
Laughter has a beneficial effect on people’s health:

  1. Smiling activates the anterior zone of the hypothalamus. Nerve impulses are then transmitted to the limbic system (which controls emotional behavior and plays an important role in many processes in the human body). The hypothalamus controls the entire endocrine system, the activity of the cardiovascular system, the digestion process, sexual reactions, the feeling of thirst, sleep, breathing and the feeling of hunger. Smiling stimulates the work of the hypothalamus and thus helps the normal functioning of many organs in the body.
  2. Smiling stimulates the pleasure center in the brain, causing the release of serotonin (the hormone of happiness and joy). Scientists have discovered that one smile is equal to 20 chocolate cubes according to the source of happiness and the strength of the positive brain reaction.
  3. Smiling is a natural way to relieve pain. Scientists say that even for no reason you should stretch your lips into a smile because the brain automatically starts producing happiness hormones (endorphins). Endorphins are responsible for a good mood and can replace a mild analgesic.
  4. Laughing reduces the level of stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.
  5. A smile normalizes the rhythm of the heart.
  6. A smile strengthens the muscles of the face, which accordingly rejuvenates it. Any massage (even the most expensive) will be replaced by 100 smiles a day.
  7. Smiling improves eyesight. A smile stimulates the eye muscles by sending a signal to the part of the brain responsible for vision – according to scientific studies.
  8. Smiling increases concentration and reaction speed. Blood circulation in the brain accelerates as soon as a person starts laughing. This process improves cognitive functions.
  9. Smiling strengthens immunity because it triggers chemical reactions (which increase the number of antibodies. The main role of antibodies is the fight against viruses and bacteria).
  10. Laughing and smiling prolongs life. In 2010, scientists from the American University of Vein conducted a study on the lifespan of baseball players. They discovered that the players lived to be 80 years old on average, and these were the players who laughed often. Those players who were serious and laughed less had an average age of about 72 years.


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