The best means to fall asleep are warm drinks (cocoa and hot chocolate)

The best means to fall asleep are warm drinks (cocoa and hot chocolate)
The best sleep aids are hot drinks (such as cocoa and hot chocolate) and foods such as turkey, beef and pumpkin seeds.
It is difficult to find a person who has not suffered from insomnia at least once during his life. Lack of sleep affects concentration and performance of daily activities. Chronic or frequent insomnia can endanger the functioning of the body and certain organs that need rest. It is possible that food is the cause but also the cure for insomnia.
Foods that cause insomnia
The main reasons for insomnia are nervousness, stress and the inability to relax in addition to some physiological problems and hormonal imbalance. Sleep difficulties can often be caused by certain foods and poor nutrition or bad eating habits. The stomach and digestive organs are overburdened by excessively large meals or meals taken just before bedtime. Such actions break the habits of falling asleep and cause insomnia. That is why it is recommended that you take dinner 3 hours before going to bed. Avoid spicy, hot, spicy and fatty foods before bed (and in the evening meal) because some types of food can have a negative effect on sleep and, as a rule, burden the stomach.
After the evening meal, it is necessary to drink a large amount of liquid (especially mineral water)
A meal in the late evening should end with chamomile tea, which contributes to easier digestion.
Magnesium is a miracle mineral against insomnia

Many patients have solved their insomnia problems after magnesium therapy. This element has a relaxing effect on the whole body and the muscles in the body, which accelerates the process of falling asleep. It is best to eat a light dinner made from foods high in magnesium.
Oatmeal is always recommended for the evening meal
Oatmeal is a light dish for the digestive system, and this food is extremely rich in the sleep-inducing mineral (magnesium).
Preparation of oatmeal for the evening meal: Rinse five tablespoons of oats with water. Add to half a liter of boiling water. Cook for a maximum of 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Leave the oats to swell. Eat porridge hot. Honey, cinnamon or sugar can be added to improve the taste.
Hot cocoa drink is great for sleep
Boil a cup of water. Add one tablespoon of cocoa powder and one tablespoon of milk powder. Stir and return to the stove. Let the drink boil. Mix well again. Drink a hot drink. Add sugar or cinnamon.

A cup of warm drink solves insomnia
Drinking a warm drink before going to bed is one of the oldest recipes for falling asleep. Psychologists believe that this kind of ritual brings calm and relaxation. The heat from the drink has a soporific effect. Many people prefer milk, but cocoa drink and hot chocolate are even better options for better taste. It is important not to consume coffee, green or black tea before going to bed, because these drinks have a high content of caffeine (and other active substances) and have a negative effect on falling asleep.
Salmon and pumpkin are natural sleep aids
The human body produces natural “hypnotics”. A certain type of food acts as a trigger for the production of the hormone serotonin. This explains the soporific effect of certain types of food. Serotonin excretion increases after the intake of tryptophan (which is rich in foods such as turkey, beef, salmon – perhaps too heavy for some people, but also pumpkin seeds).
Pumpkin seeds combined with yogurt are an ideal dinner for a good night’s sleep
Preparation: grind 2 tablespoons of cleaned pumpkin seeds into powder. Pour the resulting powder with a cup of low-fat yogurt. Leave it outside the fridge for at least half an hour. Eat on an empty stomach at least 3 hours before going to bed.

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