Weekend dietary nutrition gets rid of toxins, wakes up the dormant metabolism and reduces swelling of the body

Weekend dietary nutrition gets rid of toxins, wakes up the dormant metabolism and reduces swelling of the body
This diet lasts much shorter than other restrictive diets. It allows the body to gradually get used to healthier food. Weekend dieting reduces excess weight in the long term, but does not cause a feeling of frustration
The main goal of the weekend diet is not to lose a certain number of extra pounds. The basic idea is to provide conditions for the organism to get rid of toxins, to enable the reduction of swelling and the awakening of the dormant organism. The body will then be able to reuse the energy obtained from food (which would otherwise be turned into excess and cause increased body weight).
Eating habits are gradually changing
During the work week, people have less time to prepare healthy meals. However, time to choose and prepare food can always be found during the weekend. Then you can also set aside time to perform physical activities that help the body get more oxygen (along with proper nutrition).
Determination and perseverance is the biggest problem in adhering to dietary ways of eating. The steel will gives way when the organism starts to rebel and look for the food that the body is used to. During the first days during the diet, you usually lose a few kilograms, but this is often the only success (although it is known that the swelling of the body actually decreases at the beginning). Real results are obtained by definite changes in eating habits and not by express means.
Weekend-diet nutrition is imposed as an initial and life-saving solution (in most cases) due to changes in eating habits
The results are a flat stomach and a few kilograms less, and the diet lasts much shorter than other restrictive ways of eating. Weekend dieting proved to be a simple way to slowly but surely get the body used to slightly different food.
Useful meals during the weekend
There are common recommendations of nutritionists to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits, drink at least 2 liters of water during 24 hours, reduce the intake of fats, salt and added spices. Recommendation number 1 is to have breakfast because that meal regulates the feeling of hunger throughout the day.
The digestive system functions much worse without fiber (which is in vegetables and fruits). Fluid is important, especially water, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas and homemade soups.
It is important to take in natural food because in order for the metabolism to be able to use energy, that metabolism needs to recognize food/energy.
It sounds paradoxical, but with the intake of natural food, extra pounds are lost.
Most of the toxins that accumulate in the body are in industrial food. You should eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Food should be avoided if the person is stressed or very excited.

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