Chicken liver in mushroom broth is an excellent source of vitamin D

Chicken liver in mushroom broth is an excellent source of vitamin D
During the fall and winter, it is necessary to follow some nutritional recommendations so that the foods show their nutritional potential to the end. 3 meals are mandatory, but it is preferable to add 2 snacks (especially in the evening, for example a piece of fruit or vegetable). Food should be prepared in the most natural way possible (cooking, blanching, stewing). It is good to leave the food to cook in its own sauce with the addition of a few drops of oil. When preparing the curry, one spoonful of olive oil is added to improve the taste and aroma.
Calendar autumn and winter mean the danger of colds and flu. Fluctuations in temperature and reduced resistance of the body are an ideal basis for the attack of bacteria and viruses. It is great to “feed” the organism with cereals, citrus fruits and warm soups

  1. Beneficial citrus fruits – in the prevention of flu and colds, the body should be given the necessary vitamins and minerals that will pump up the immune system. Southern fruits and citrus fruits are full of beneficial vitamin C and can be obtained at an affordable price. Oranges stand out from this group (because of their unique taste and many ways to prepare them). An orange consists mostly of water, vitamin C, vitamins of the B group, but also trace elements (phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron and calcium). Orange peel is an exceptional part of the fruit (according to nutritionists) because it contains as much as 130 mg of vitamin C as well as medicinal tannins and essential oil.
  2. Lemon and grapefruit are refreshing fruits – other citrus fruits also protect the body from winter diseases (especially lemon and grapefruit). This fruit is equal in terms of vitamin content, but lemon is the best-known antimicrobial agent. Lemon is therefore used as an additive in the food industry. The fruits are juicy and easy to squeeze. That is why the fruits are excellent for preparing freshly squeezed energy juices (which provide the necessary daily amount of vitamins). They are particularly suitable as a dietary supplement. They are advised to people who use diet food during the autumn and winter months and whose body is further weakened (due to illness or inadequate nutrition). The bark should be used because it is rich in vitamins and essential oils.
  3. Legumes instead of meat – proteins are necessary for maintaining the body’s resistance, but many avoid proteins of animal origin (because they are fatty and high in calories). The ideal solution is to use legumes (black and white beans, kidney beans, lentils, green beans) because they contain little fat and are rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates. Soy salad is especially healthy because it “bloats” the stomach much less.
  4. Cereals are fuel for the body – proper nutrition means a daily intake of at least 50% of carbohydrates. These substances are excellent fuel for the organism, which fill it with energy and enable it to function normally. Simple carbohydrates from sugar burn quickly. Complex carbohydrates from cereals are slowly broken down and constantly supply the body with energy, making the body resistant and strong. Dishes made from wholemeal flour are especially recommended (and in combination with nuts, you get a healthy and tasty snack between meals).
  5. Magical vitamin D – the main reason for the weakening of the body during autumn and winter is often a lack of vitamin D. Some studies show that 1/3 of the world’s population has a lack of vitamin D in the period from November to March. Vitamin D participates in a large number of metabolic processes, so some consider it a hormone. Chicken liver is extremely rich in vitamin D, and cooked in mushroom broth is a real hit in the gastronomic sense as well.
  6. Warm soups are useful during autumn and winter – warm soup warms the body (with all the nutrients) on cold days. Nutrients dissolved in liquid are more easily absorbed. Packaged soups are concentrated and have a lower nutritional value. It is therefore always desirable to make homemade, healthy and tasty soups. One of the most useful soups (according to taste and foam-forming effect) is pea, carrot and broccoli soup.

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