Medicinal herbs are best preserved by freezing the most medicinal substances

Medicinal herbs are best preserved by freezing the most medicinal substances
The traditional time for collecting, drying and storing medicinal plants is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. Even the best phytotherapists claim that drying is not the only or the best way to preserve plants during the winter.
Drying is the simplest and therefore the most popular way of preserving plants during the winter. Many medicinal herbs lose valuable active substances during drying.
Some dried plants even become dangerous during the winter if kept in a damp room
Keeping the plant in a damp room creates conditions for the reproduction of fungi and bacteria with a toxic effect and which can cause poisoning. That is why experienced herbalists use alternative methods of preservation and conservation of herbal raw materials and plants.
Freezing is one of the best ways to preserve plants
Herbalists freeze plants because the most medicinal substances are preserved in frozen plants. Any herbs, flowers, roots, fruits, fruits and vegetables can be preserved by freezing.
The process of freezing plants
Wash, dry and chop the plants. Put the chopped mass in ice molds. Add water to the molds and place in the freezer.
Canning with salt is another way of preparing plants for winter
Finely chop the plants. Add salt (in 100 grams of plant = 30 grams of salt). Tightly pack the sterilized jar. Cover hermetically. Store in the fridge.
Fermentation is the best way to preserve the plant because it adds even more medicinal properties to medicinal plants
Boil a liquid of half a liter of water and 2 small spoons of salt. Wash the plants and finely chop them. Place in a glass jar. Pour hot liquid and salt over the mass. Put a small piece of rye bread in the jar. Leave for 2 days in a warm place. The optimal temperature for pickling plants is from 18° to 22° C. Then store the plants at a temperature of 0° to 4° C after 2 days. Add pickled herbs to your diet or make tea from pickled herbs.
Using salted and pickled herbs:
Dandelion-promotes the excretion of bile
Buckwheat-against bronchitis and lung disease
John’s wort – against arteriosclerosis, heart, liver and stomach diseases
Young linden leaf – against high fever and rheumatism
Currant leaf – against kidney stones
Raspberry leaf – against colds and coughs
Angelica-against colic pain and sciatica
Seven leaf – against gastritis and ulcers
Stinging nettle – against cardiac diseases

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