5 tricks for peaceful sleep and easy awakening


5 tricks for peaceful sleep and easy awakening

  1. Dimmed light – the quality of the environment (in which you sleep), the level of lighting, noise, the cleanliness of the bedding and even the tidiness of the bedroom can affect quality sleep. Make the room where you sleep dark, because light disturbs the release of melatonin (hormone of darkness) that works during the night.
  2. Relaxation- a relaxing bath in the bathtub, meditation or reading help to relax more easily. Try to sleep without worries. Make a list of everything that creates nervousness, stress and tension. This helps the mind to get rid of negativity. That’s why you’ll be calmer and more relaxed in the morning when the alarm goes off.
  3. Changing the tone of the alarm – an aggressive sound raises adrenaline, speeds up the heartbeat and causes stress. Choose a more relaxed tone. Or, try the “Sleep Genius” app, which wakes a person up with soft and relaxing sounds.
  4. Coffee only in the morning – it is advised that a person does not use beverages with caffeine (coffee, black and green tea, energy drink) in the afternoon. Refined sugar and processed carbohydrates should not be used either (which people with diabetes should not take either).
  5. Lemongrass, licorice and passionflower are useful plants – the stress hormone cortisol should reach its highest level in the morning (to move a person into action) and its lowest level in the evening (when melatonin takes over). The adrenal gland secretes cortisol if a person is under stress (disrupting the sleep cycle). Licorice, passion flower and lemon balm help the body to get rid of tension.


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