A glass of wine is healthy even for people with diabetes


A glass of wine is healthy even for people with diabetes
Wine has health benefits and is not completely off-limits even to people with diabetes (according to the American Diabetes Association). Namely, the antioxidants in wine increase insulin sensitivity, lower blood pressure and increase good cholesterol.


Wine can be drunk in moderation. Healthy people can drink one glass of wine every night. Adults with diabetes (who keep their diabetes under control) can also drink wine, but only in moderate quantities. Diabetics should carefully plan their meal and find out their blood sugar level before consuming wine. Diabetics should always eat a snack while drinking wine (because alcohol lowers blood sugar).
Advice for adults with diabetes – choose dry wines (because such wines usually do not contain sugar or have sugar in small quantities)


Dry wines

There are 5 types of dry wines: red, white, rose, sparkling and dessert wine. The label “dry wine” is usually misinterpreted. When the wine is dry, it does not contain the remains of fermentation, so it is less sweet. Even dry wine can have a fruity taste.
Sweet wine versus fruity wine
Sweet and fruity wine are different. Even a wine that is by no means sweet can have a strong fruity aroma. The term “fruity” describes the fruity characteristics of the wine, but not the sweetness or the sugar content of the wine. For example, cabernet wine has a strong aroma of black currants. The wine “Pino Grigio” can have the aroma of pear, apple or citrus, while the wine “Cabernet Sauvignon” has the taste of gooseberries.
Sparkling wines
There are different types of sparkling wines from very dry to very sweet. Dry sparkling wines are labeled as “brut” (dry) or “extrabrut” (very dry). Sweet sparkling wines are also called “demisec”, which means “semi-dry” in French.
Tip – your heart will benefit the most from dry red wines. You can also choose white or sparkling wines. Dessert wines contain a lot of sugar, so they are very sweet. Such wines are better kept for special occasions.






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