Rosemary wine and herbal bath for better circulation

Rosemary wine and herbal bath for better circulation
Nowadays, problems with circulation are becoming more and more common. The symptoms are variable in nature and are largely a reflection of weather conditions. Vein diseases are among the most common diseases of modern man (according to the statistics of the World Health Organization). About 30% of the population over the age of 25 have problems with veins. Women have vein diseases even 4 times more than men. Predispositions for the occurrence of vein disease are various (pregnancy, overweight, hormonal changes during the monthly break, work with prolonged standing, positive family history).
Walking is the best type of physical exercise for vein diseases
It is also recommended to wear elastic socks and reduce excess body weight. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain bread (this food prevents constipation which is the main cause of varicose veins), eat blueberries, cherries, blackberries and black grapes. This fruit is rich in anthocyanin pigments (which can strengthen the veins). Add garlic, onion, ginger and cayenne pepper to the food (they help the body to overcome the fibrin-protein that creates hard tissue, lots of lumps around varicose veins).
Rosemary wine: put 20 g of dried rosemary in a liter of wine. Keep for 7 days. Strained wine is drunk (a small glass every morning).
Low blood pressure
During the increase of relative humidity in the air and during high heat, the blood vessels expand. Then the symptoms of low blood pressure usually worsen (blurred vision, dizziness, increased heart rate, i.e. the number of beats per minute and ringing in the ears, cold sweating of the hands).
Carry out moderate physical activity (walking and cycling). Avoid exposure to excessive heat, drink plenty of fluids and avoid fatty foods, consume fruits that contain potassium (bananas, apricots, citrus fruits, peaches) and vegetables rich in vitamin C (spinach, lettuce, peppers).
Herbal bath to strengthen circulation – put pine needles, nettle leaf, mint, basil, laurel, ivy, sage, rosemary and geranium, as well as lavender flower, lemon peel, cinnamon peel and almond fruit in a cloth bag. Attach the bag to the faucet so that a stream of water flows over the bag. Rub the body with a bag of plants towards the end of the bath.

Tricks to quickly improve circulation

  1. Alternating hot and cold showers is one of the best tips for instantly improving circulation.
  2. A bath with aromatic rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus oil will be pleasant before going to bed.
  3. Massage of the feet and hands is useful (at any time of the day), especially the feet because it simulates blood circulation and better oxygen flow.
  4. Avoid fatty and spicy dishes.
  5. Try to give your body enough energy by eating cereals, bread, legumes and potatoes.
  6. Lentil (soy), wheat (or oat) grain soup with the addition of rosemary, celery and onion is useful (all ingredients provide the body with the necessary ingredients).

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