Plants that are comfortable in closed and warm rooms

Plants that are comfortable in closed and warm rooms
Indoor plants give an earthy note and are proven to increase the feeling of comfort in rooms. There are plants that feel comfortable in warm and closed rooms in winter. Then certain plants develop complete beauty. In winter, people mostly stay indoors. The air becomes stuffy (if the room is opened for a little or a short time during the day and night) because the furniture, carpet, wall paint and electrical devices emit harmful substances. Indoor plants have a different role here. They fill a certain space and clean the air, thus improving the climate in the space. Ivy, Indian gum fig and other plants release valuable oxygen, filter harmful substances from the air and regulate air humidity. A healthy climate affects people’s productivity, well-being and sleep. This was also discovered by the American space agency NASA (when in 1980 it investigated the possibilities of air detoxification in space stations).
The best plants for air purification are:
Ivy, sable, ficus benjamin, dieffenbachia, dragon plant, spathiphyllum, green lily, kentia, Indian gum fig, house fern.
Plants that clean the air also bind dust particles. Especially species with small leaves act like a green filter. Indoor plants have a relaxing effect. The human eye spends little energy observing a houseplant and therefore simply rests. The human eye can distinguish more than 10,000 shades of green.

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