The traditional and favorite breakfast “oatmeal” originates from Scotland

The traditional and favorite breakfast “oatmeal” originates from Scotland
Turning off the radio, TV, mobile phone and laptop for just a few minutes further contributes to relaxation and a peaceful and pleasant morning meal. Many choose warm milk with the addition of oatmeal, apples, flax seeds, spices (cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, toasted almonds, etc.), crispy spelled flakes, and the like. Or they take ready-made mixture, so the preparation is faster. Popular American author Dr. Michael Greger tirelessly explains the benefits of oats (and similar grains). His book “How Not to Die” is full of recommendations about oats and whole grains (because they reduce the risk of stroke, lower blood pressure, blood sugar levels, maintain arteries, B vitamins and good fatty acids strengthen the nerves).
Granola – prepared from oats, wheat and other types of cereals. Flakes and expanded grains are used. They are heated on steam until the contained starch expands and the shell bursts. Cereals are mixed with agave (or maple syrup) for crunch and sweetness, and oil that can be heated at high temperatures. After that, it is baked in the oven. Granola is often enriched with nut products (they have a fuller taste and contain omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen the body), kernels and seeds (because they are rich in protein), coconut chips and dried fruit. Granola can be prepared with milk, herbal drink and yogurt. It is an excellent accompaniment to smoothies (because of the consistency) and snacks during breaks. Crunchy and crispy muesli are sold in stores.

Muesli is a favorite breakfast that keeps blood sugar levels stable. consists of oatmeal that contains a lot of fiber. They prevent a sudden rise in blood sugar levels and thus later hunger pangs. Other cereals and dried fruits (gives a sweet-sour note), nuts, chocolate chips and various sweeteners are added to Muslima. Muesli is eaten with milk, fruit juices and herbal drinks (soy and oat, for example). Yogurt and kefir also provide a delicious acidity.
Flakes – have been a favorite traditional breakfast for a long time. These are grains lightly steamed and squeezed afterwards. Flakes with large flakes are made from whole grain, while grains with fine flakes are pre-shredded. Then they are especially soft, they soften and swell faster than the rigid versions of large flakes. There are selected types with 4 grains, gluten-free or low-gluten, iron-rich millet that strengthens the blood, and the like. This dish is rich in protein, so it is an excellent source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. They are eaten with milk, water, herbal drink. They are used to prepare cereal smoothies (mixed with a little yogurt, milk, fruit). For porridge, they are cooked from the liquid. They leave it for 15 minutes to swell. Flakes are an excellent base for juicy burgers. Pure flakes can be prepared as desired and be the basis for baking and cooking.

Oatmeal is a traditional dish from Scotland. The basic ingredient is oats with little gluten and plenty of fiber. The biggest plus is when oatmeal is eaten cooked in a warm state (in traditional Chinese medicine). The body is relieved because it does not spend additional energy for the process of heating the meal. Porridge can be enriched with honey, nuts and various spices. Cardamom has a positive effect on digestion, while cinnamon strengthens the immune system and regulates blood sugar levels. Classic oatmeal is cooked with water, milk or herbal drink. Pour over the liquid and let it swell. Some mixtures can be mixed cold. Oatmeal has a creamy consistency that is good even for sensitive stomachs.

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