An anti-aging and anti-aging brain recipe (and foods) for every day

An anti-aging and anti-aging brain recipe (and foods) for every day
Brain aging recipe – 1 cup of walnuts, half a cup of pine nuts, half a cup of sesame seeds, half a cup of pumpkin, half a cup of dried goji beans, half a cup of dried apricots and half a cup of dried blueberries
Anti-aging recipe for every day – antioxidants 5 meals a day that include some foods such as blueberries, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli and acai beans, green and white tea = 4 cups a day, red wine = 1 cup a day.
Recipe against gray hair – The Chinese realized a long time ago that black sesame seeds, black beans and walnuts affect the reduction of gray hairs. Include these foods in your diet to keep your hair beautiful and young.
Anti-Aging Skin Recipe – Skin loses moisture as it ages. The skin needs to be “watered” regularly to restore moisture. It is an excellent face mask made from cucumber and fresh cow’s cheese. In a small bowl, mix one tablespoon of cottage cheese and one tablespoon of grated fresh cucumber. Spread the mask over the neck, face and décolleté. Wash off with warm water after half an hour. The skin will be clean and tight.

Enemies of youthful skin – sugar and other processed carbohydrates increase the level of glucose in the blood (which causes the weakening of elastin and collagen fibers responsible for the tightness, elasticity and youthful appearance or beauty of the skin). Alcohol also causes dehydration and drying of the skin and promotes the formation of wrinkles.
It is necessary to take lecithin (against senility and pain in the joints) – lecithin is a substance that builds cell membranes (whose basic function is the passage of nutrients into the cell and the elimination of harmful substances from the cell). The cell membrane loses its activity and becomes harder without lecithin (which causes premature cell aging). Lecithin is an integral part of the protective membrane that protects the brain. It is also used by muscle and nerve cells, where lecithin is crucial in the transmission of nerve impulses between cells. The feeling of pain in the joints and the appearance of senility are signs of an insufficient amount of lecithin in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce foods such as egg yolk, soybeans, cereals, wheat germ, fish, legumes, yeast and peanuts into the body.

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