Doctors recommend the Pol Pala plant especially to residents of polluted environments

Doctors recommend the Pol Pala plant especially to residents of polluted environments
In the last few decades, the exotic plant Pol Pala has been gaining more and more popularity. Pol Pala (Aerva Lanata) is also called the “Surgeon without a scalpel” because it effectively treats diseases without surgery. Pol Pala is widely distributed in humid tropical forests. The plant is highly valued in Africa, India and Australia for its possible healing effect. The plant has also been successfully cultivated in the subtropical regions of Georgia since the 20th century. The plant is officially included in the list of phyto-raw materials for the production of medicinal preparations.
Doctors especially recommend the Pol Pala plant to residents of large urban areas where the level of pollution and radiation has increased. The plant is a powerful adaptogen and removes toxins from the body. The plant contains a large number of vitamins and minerals. The therapeutic effect is achieved (and according to biochemical analysis) due to the presence of ervolanin and ervoside, phenolic compounds, organic acids, pectin, alkaloids from the indole group, oleic acid, glycosides, tri-terpenoids, lupeopal compounds, coumaroyl-tiliroside, potassium, magnesium salts, selenium and copper and a complex of antioxidants.
10 health benefits of the Pol Pala plant:

  1. It has pronounced diuretic properties. It helps to remove uric acid and salt due to urolithiasis, urethritis and cystitis. It promotes the dissolution of kidney stones. She expels sand from the kidneys and urinary canals, which is why they call her a surgeon without a scalpel.
  2. Strengthens the immune system, heals the pancreas and helps against arteriosclerosis.
  3. Normalizes blood pressure and metabolism. It reduces blood clotting and thus prevents the formation of blood clots in the vessels.
  4. Alleviates inflammatory conditions. An excellent remedy against flu, colds and bronchitis.
  5. Useful in the treatment of diseases of the spine and joints (osteochondrosis and arthritis).
  6. Improves memory and calms the nervous system. It normalizes sleep, reduces stress and stimulates the synthesis of hormones that raise mood.
  7. Useful against disorders of the monthly cycle of women.
  8. Improves facial skin, removes acne and rashes.
  9. The plant extract is also used in natural cosmetics.
  10. The plant stimulates faster recovery after long-term infections and inflammatory conditions that threaten to become chronic conditions.


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