8 reasons to use cosmetic products in solid form

8 reasons to use cosmetic products in solid form
In recent years, more and more products in solid form have appeared on the cosmetic market. There is shampoo, shower gel, butter and solid body lotion.

  1. Products in solid form are sustainable and contribute to the preservation of the environment. Solid soaps do not have plastic packaging, which damages existing resources.
  2. Solid soaps have a gentle and nourishing effect already upon contact with warm skin. Newer recipes are constantly being developed that give even more foam.
  3. Some solid soaps provide a pleasant mini-massage due to the structure of the surface.
  4. Solid soaps are great for traveling because they can be packed in boxes and have on every occasion.
  5. Rinse solid soaps briefly with water so that they last a long time and remain hygienically suitable. Allow solid soaps to dry afterwards (before returning to paper packaging) as bacteria love moisture and moist environments.
  6. Do not throw away soap residue. Pack in one cotton bag. Use also when showering. You will remove dead skin cells well.
  7. Today, there is a solid form of washing agent individually (for each type of skin and hair), but also a neutral solid product intended for all types of skin and hair.
  8. Solid shampoos and solid conditioners gently clean the hair, protecting it from breakage, intensively and optimally nourish the hair and scalp naturally. At the same time, they reduce the amount of plastic in the bathroom.


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