Apple cider vinegar (due to its non-toxicity and healing properties) is Hippocrates’ medicine

Apple cider vinegar (due to its non-toxicity and healing properties) is Hippocrates’ medicine
Seasonal changes and air temperatures favor viral and respiratory infections. These health problems are most often treated with medical antibiotics. But antibiotics sometimes lose their properties due to frequent use. The solution is to use natural ingredients that strengthen the body and at the same time have antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial and antiviral effects.
Medicinal herbal tonic is known in folk medicine
This herbal tonic strengthens immunity. It is also called a herbal antibiotic because it helps regulate the acid-alkaline balance, is an excellent probiotic and aids digestion. It supports the production of energy that increases the mental and physical functioning of the organism. It is used over a long period of time because it gradually and effectively strengthens the body and builds the body’s immune system. Tinctures are a recognized folk medicine (due to the specific extraction of chemical ingredients from plants). Tinctures have an almost permanent shelf life. Tinctures remain whole, which is why they are extremely strong sources of healing action. Tinctures rarely have mutual contraindications and accompanying negative phenomena.
The natural herbal tincture has the effect of a natural antibiotic. Long-term consumption is preferable. Thus, the tincture completely strengthens and builds the immune system. The herbal tincture does not have medical alcohol as a base, but natural apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is considered a Hippocratic medicine due to its non-toxicity and healing properties. It has an antimicrobial effect, reduces cholesterol and regulates insulin. It has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial effects.
Recipe for natural herbal tincture – fill a glass jar with herbs according to your tastes and ailments. Pour two-thirds of the jar with apple cider vinegar. Leave the tonic for 2 to 6 weeks in a dark place. The tonic will be stronger if it stands longer in a dark place. After this period is over, peel and finely chop one Habanero pepper, garlic, a ginger root the size of a garlic, one horseradish root (and, if desired, a turmeric root or another small hot pepper). Put all the ingredients in a large jar. Cover completely with apple cider vinegar so that the vinegar floats 3 fingers above the level of the plants and vegetables. Excess vinegar is added to spread the vegetables. Place the lid firmly on the jar and spread a little toner while keeping the lid firmly on the jar. Add more apple cider vinegar if needed. Leave the medicine for several weeks. Shake daily. Strain the tincture for storage and ease of use. You can distribute the tonic in small glass bottles (with dark glass) because this way the tincture is protected from light. Keep in a cool and dark place.
How to use the healing tonic – you can drink the tonic (tincture) daily to regulate digestion and the immune system, as well as other diseases. Remember that you are drinking a very powerful tincture because of the ingredients (powerful herbs and spices) so the taste will be as well. A little unrefined honey can be added. Also drink plenty of water during the day. One small glass a day is enough for everyday use (and for strengthening immunity). You can take 5 to 6 doses a day if you are fighting infections and colds

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