Medicinal properties of horseradish root and habanero pepper

Medicinal properties of horseradish root and habanero pepper
Medicinal properties of horseradish root – horseradish is rich in vitamin C. There are more than 100 milligrams of vitamin C in 100 g of fresh horseradish root. Horseradish also contains glycoside, morosin, sinigrin, glutamine, glucose, potassium, acid sulfate, and essential oils (which give the spicy ). Horseradish is recommended for cleansing the blood, expelling stones and sand from the kidneys, sweating and expelling urine. Horseradish is a well-known folk remedy against lung diseases, rheumatism, gout, sneezing, scurvy and discharge of secretions from the respiratory organs. Horseradish is a valuable stimulator of the digestive organs, causing increased secretion of gastric and intestinal glands, bile and pancreas. It helps to destroy coli-bacilli.
The healing power of small habanero peppers – it is one of the hottest chili peppers. Capsaicin can be used as a treatment against various medical disorders. Habanero peppers have a high content of capsaicin, which is why they have several health benefits. It naturally reduces redness and swelling due to inflammatory conditions of joints and muscles because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It effectively cleans accumulated mucus on the membranes in the lungs and nose. It samples sweating (one way for the body to expel toxins). It improves digestion because it stimulates the flow of secretions from the stomach and eliminates the discomfort of excess gas. It stimulates blood flow. It has a strong antioxidant effect due to the high content of beta-carotene (which destroys the problem caused by free radicals in the body). It promotes normal and balanced blood pressure, strengthens circulation and lowers triglycerides.

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