The smell of citrus has been proven to reduce stress levels

The smell of citrus has been proven to reduce stress levels
Psychologists always emphasize 5 main symptoms of stress: distraction, nervousness, rapid fatigue, increased consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and sweets, loss of sleep and appetite, loss of sense of humor, psychosomatic boleflexion, memory impairment or lack of reason for joy. Psychologists say that a person is under stress if he has 5 or more of these symptoms. It is important to find a solution because long-term stress also causes long-term depression (which is difficult to treat later). Psychologists base their advice and opinions on scientifically proven methods, but they have never challenged traditional ways of dealing with stress. People keep coming back to traditions because they are passed down from generation to generation and have proven to be effective.

12 natural solutions to help relieve stress

  1. Planning time – too much work is one of the most common causes of stress. The result is emotional burnout or depression. It is recommended to plan your obligations in advance (if possible) to avoid such circumstances. Consider your own strength, capabilities and timing.
  2. Avoiding stimulators of excess energy and hyperactivity (which starts from the head and is stimulated by drinks with caffeine). Caffeine and alcohol are stimulants that intensify the feeling of nervousness and contribute to a higher level of tension. Drink unsweetened natural juices, herbal teas, water instead of coffee and alcohol.
  3. Learn to say “No” – stress can be explained as a phenomenon when a person has too much work and little time. Many people avoid rejection because they fear conflict and lost opportunities. Or, they want to be good and obedient. However, these are excuses or obstacles that people create. Learn to earn respect from family, friends, bosses and others. You will make your daily schedule and responsibilities easier, and other people will appreciate you more.
  4. Breathing – listen to your own breathing every day for several minutes. This will slow down your pace and calm your heart.
  5. Talk about stress openly – try to find a related person who has similar or the same problems. Any conversation and exchange of opinions/experiences is welcome. And it’s always good to hear a different opinion about our personal problem.
  6. Crying – tears are a great way to deal with stress. Tears contain peptides (substances that increase a person’s resistance) – say scientific studies. Tears have a relaxing effect and relieve nervous tension.
  7. Relaxing baths – baths with the addition of aromatic oils and herbal decoctions are an excellent solution against stress. Useful decoctions are oregano, lavender, rosemary, mint, lemon balm. The oils used are basil, verbena, orange and anise oil.
  8. Laughter – laughter cures every disease – says the proverb. Smile even at passers-by because you will make everyone’s day.
  9. Citrus fruits – eat citrus fruits (orange, lemon, lime). The smell of citrus has been proven to reduce stress levels.
  10. Leave the cell phone for a few hours – leave the cell phone out of reach for at least a few hours. Direct your thoughts and actions towards other activities. Rest your eyes and hands. Be creative.
  11. Herbal preparations – many plants have a calming effect. They are used in the form of tea, infusion and herbal liquid. It is recommended to take herbal preparations in courses or during periods of strong nervous tension. It is necessary to take a break from time to time so that this treatment does not become a routine/habit. Useful plants are valerian, lemon balm, oregano, chamomile, lemon balm with mint.
  12. Writing by hand on paper – write down your thoughts in a journal or by hand on paper several times a week. Describe past, present or future important events. By writing, you will simply relieve your soul and feel immediate relief.

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