Culinary advice for people with a sensitive liver

Culinary advice for people with a sensitive liver
People with an overly sensitive liver are advised to eat a diet without a lot of fat, without sauces, without eggs (or as little as possible), without young or excessively fatty meat, fatty fish. Fat is certainly the main enemy of the liver, as are foods that are fried and dishes made by frying. The menu is thus already limited. Therefore, delicious dishes should be made with permitted ingredients.
Pasta – cook different types of pasta in hot and salted water, but not too much. Immediately bring the pasta to the table topped with warm butter (or boiled tomatoes, chopped garlic and parsley, which give a more pleasant taste).
Prepare the rice in salted and boiling water, but without overcooking. Drain carefully. Rice is a dish that allows the use of various spices.
Semolina can be prepared according to the following recipe, that is, in the form of dumplings baked in white sauce. This type of sauce is the only one allowed for a person with a diseased liver, only the fat must not be browned. For the dish you need: 125 g of semolina, 5 dcl of milk, 30 g of butter, salt, pepper and white sauce or béchamel (for the sauce you need 25 g of flour, 25 g of butter and 4 to 5 dcl of milk). Pour semolina into hot and salty milk in a thin stream. Mix and add butter. Transfer the mass to a bowl as soon as it thickens. Spray the bowl with water beforehand. Take out the balls with a spoon when the mixture has cooled down. Arrange them on the bottom of the refractory dish, which already has the béchamel sauce on it. Pour the rest of the sauce over the dumplings and bake them briefly in a well-heated oven.
Vegetables– place the vegetables in boiling salted water. Cover with butter and sprinkle with various spices (chopped parsley, chives, celery). Green vegetables can be consumed by people with a diseased liver. It is rich in mineral salts and stimulates the appetite.
Meat – meat should be boiled or grilled to avoid fat. Remove the skin before serving if you are serving roasted chicken. The skin is soaked in fried fat. That is why only cooked chicken is recommended.
Fish – should neither be fried nor made in wine. It is best to fillet the fish in the usual way and cover it with melted butter, chopped parsley or lemon juice. The so-called white fish is the best choice.
Sweets – the recommendation is to cook rice with milk and pour fruit syrup or jam, semolina in milk, various compotes and cakes without eggs. Here is a good recipe: 5 dcl of milk, vanilla, 20 g of starch flour, 45 g of sugar. Bring the milk to a boil and in the meantime mix the other ingredients to get a smooth mixture. Add a little water or cold milk. Add the mass to the boiling milk while stirring continuously. Wait a few minutes for the mass to thicken. Then transfer the mass to a bowl that you previously moistened with water. Pour jam or fruit syrup over the cream. For example, you can pour thick raspberry, cherry or currant juice into the same cream. For fruit salads, always choose a different combination, for example, apple and orange, melon and peach, orange and banana, etc. Cake without eggs – mix 250 g of flour, 60 g of butter, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 2 cups of milk and yeast in a bowl. Place greaseproof paper in the baking dish. Shake the mixture obtained from all the ingredients. Bake for 40 minutes in a well-heated oven.

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