16 detailed tips for hand and nail care for women of all generations

16 detailed tips for hand and nail care for women of all generations

  1. Women who use nail polish should first remove the old nail polish (or residue) using an oil solution that does not dry out the nails. Run the solution twice over the nails for safe cleanliness.
  2. Trim your nails with a file. A metal file is good, but it is better if you have a file with emery paper (the grainy part gives a nicer shape to the nail and the ends are polished).
  3. Dip your hands in a mild solution of soap and water. Do not use detergent. It is better to dissolve smaller pieces of some quality soap. Hold your hands for about 5 minutes.
  4. Wipe your hands. Rub your fingers and knuckles with half a lemon. The squeezed juice has a whitening effect and does not irritate the skin, while softening the skin.
  5. Squeeze the other half of the lemon on the upper surface of the palm. Rub lengthwise as when washing. This will clean your hands completely.
  6. Apply milk or hand cream. Do not use grease (even if your hands are dry or rough).
  7. The hand massage is done with a movement from the fingertips to the knuckle of the hand. Continuous massage with circular movements around the hand is also excellent.
  8. It is good to massage the wrist (because the skin is particularly sensitive on the inside). It is advisable to use milk or hand cream several times a day.
  9. Soak your nails and fingertips in soapy water to soften them. Rub the other fingers with the longitudinal thumb as well as the fingertips.
  10. Dry. Apply oil or cream along the entire edge to soften the epidermis. There are also excellent special products for this purpose.
  11. Then massage the fingertips holding them between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Thus, the fingers become thinner and the nails become oval.
  12. Use manicure tools (nail polisher, electric nail file). First, push the skin around the nails so that it is sometimes visible.
  13. Another instrument (or some small stick with hydrophilic gauze on top) is used to clean and disinfect the nail. This procedure should be done delicately because the nails are easily vulnerable.
  14. Cut the skin around the nails with cuticle scissors. It is better to avoid removing the top skin around the nails to stimulate growth.
  15. Over the nails (and before applying the nail polish), cover some colorless gauze, which is not an ordinary coating, but an adhesive agent between the nail and the polish that protects and preserves fragile nails.
  16. Finally, nail polish is first applied to the tips of the nails. Then it is drawn along the nail giving it an oval shape. Repeat the procedure. Then quickly coat the nails with a colorless fixative to dry the nail polish (or dry under a UV lamp for drying gel nail polish, usually 65 W).

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