5 herbal teas that cleanse the intestines

5 herbal teas that cleanse the intestines
Intestinal micro-flora can be strengthened with certain teas/herbs.

  1. Chamomile-herb is suitable for the stomach, intestines and flatulence. It prevents inflammatory conditions and has an antibacterial effect. A few flowers in a cup of tea are enough, because overuse of chamomile makes it difficult to tolerate.
  2. Lemon balm – lemon balm is good for sleep if drunk before bed. It soothes and strengthens the stomach, intestines and liver and is easily tolerated. Lemon balm has a refreshing taste, so it is often used in tea mixtures.
  3. Anise – helps with cramps, stimulates digestion and is excellent against flatulence. It can be made into tea or chewed to freshen the breath. It effectively stimulates the immune system.
  4. Thyme-has an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect. It is used against colds, against problems with the intestines and stomach. It has an antiviral effect, so it is recommended during the cold seasons.
  5. Lavender – lavender essential oils are generally used for sleep problems (because lavender has a calming effect). Lavender generally works on the body by positively stimulating overall balance. It has an antibacterial and antifungal effect. Only a few lavender flowers are used in tea blends because lavender essential oils are very intense. Lavender is good in combination with verbena because both plants strengthen the body.

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