Do not put things under the stairs that you would not step on (documents, prayer book, etc.)

Do not put things under the stairs that you would not step on (documents, prayer book, etc.)
The space under the stairs is not a space for someone’s work or a desk/desk (for example, never place a small study under the stairs). But don’t leave an altar under the stairs either (for example, a small home altar in front of which religious people pray). Such bad karma is created which in turn will create obstacles in your life. Altars are spiritual places and spiritual customs are connected with energy – just like the feng shui philosophy.
Do not place the kitchen counter or bar under the stairs
This is how the space under the stairs is often used. But this is the wrong way. For example, the kitchen has a faucet that will symbolize the “outflow” of wealth. Especially golden faucets would symbolize the outflow of extremely large wealth. So be careful.
Do not place the water arrangement and the pool (with fish and the like) under the stairs
This causes damage to the next generation in the household and has a negative impact on its happiness.
Storage under the stairs is provided – according to the feng shui philosophy.
Good energy or good feng shui is keeping family equipment and various props in these storage rooms (under the stairs).
The top of the stairs should face a wall decorated with inspirational and auspicious pictures (ideally looking). Do not put pictures with disturbing scenes or pictures with scary wild animals on that wall (as this creates a frightening effect).
Try not to let the top of the stairs face the toilet door. It would be better if it were the bedroom door, but it is best if it were a wall with pleasant and favorable pictures.

The wall should be at least 1 meter away from the top of the stairs
On this wall should hang an object that has a good meaning for the household (pleasant landscape, painting, sailboat, etc.). Mountain pictures are not a good idea because they can block good chi. Pictures with sharp corners, triangles and other hostile patterns are not a good or inspiring idea.
When choosing wallpaper, you may follow these tips
It’s bad enough if the stairs face the door, but it’s even worse if it’s the toilet door. Loss of wealth can also be caused by the fact that the stairs face the exit to the balcony. The effect is the same if the stairs face the window. Place partitions in front of the door or window or hang thick curtains if closing the stairs is not practical.

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