Reiki makes life easier even for the healthiest person

Reiki makes life easier even for the healthiest person
Namely, it is considered that every human being is born with 100% life energy. Life energy is then spent on emotions, negative thoughts, worries and fears. This means that the average person has about 5% to 10% energy in their own energy being, and such a low percentage can cause disease (which manifests itself in different organs in the body). The Reiki therapist (medical technician or doctor with special training) directs life energy from nature into his own energy being (through the crown chakra on the head) and then uses his hands to redirect this energy into the patient’s energy being.
The way reiki works
The electromagnetic waves received by the therapist reach the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that serves as a link between the endocrine and nervous systems). They are channeled by chains of neurons, spreading through the body to be concentrated in the hands. The waves move towards the patient’s body when the therapist and the patient make the first (direct) contact. The waves reach the patient’s hypothalamus and stimulate all functions in the body. Thus they encourage self-healing. The treatment lasts 40 minutes to one hour. The Reiki therapist places the hands on clearly defined parts of the patient’s body or above them – the position of the hand can change up to 15 times during the treatment. Hold the hands in one position for up to 15 minutes. Life energy begins to fill and cleanse the patient’s body while the therapist strengthens the patient’s immune system. The patient is relaxed and feels warmth in the places where the energy is channeled.
A Reiki therapist should have medical knowledge and Reiki knowledge
A Reiki therapist should have medical knowledge and be aware of karmic principles. He must not ask for the healing of the patient because he should not interfere in the karmic reasons for the occurrence of the disease. The therapist only seeks fulfillment with divine love that will do what man (from a personal perspective) cannot. Reiki training has 4 levels. The first is an introduction to the method – the training lasts one day and the practitioner applies the treatment on his own body for 3 months. The training for the second level lasts 2 days – this training encourages the strengthening of the energy channel and gives you the opportunity to work with other people. Initiation into the third degree is possible 6 months later. After that, the person receives the title of Reiki Master. It is the degree when life situations are not perceived as problems but as challenges. A Reiki master can then become a Reiki teacher and instruct other people in this method.
Reiki can help a person who is constantly under stress
Reiki will calm that person and relieve nervousness and create energetic opportunities for success in work and private life. Reiki is also a strong fighter against insomnia, acts against nausea, improves mood and restores the will to live to fainting patients (helping them to regain the joy of life) – reiki encourages compassion, benevolence, tolerance, love for one’s own being and neighbors, love for all beings, the environment and planets.
However, psychiatric patients should not undergo treatment as they may have hallucinations or delusions.
5 golden rules of reiki
The Japanese Mikao Usui is responsible for reiki as we know it today. Usui collected information on the use of universal life energy. He learned the secrets of simple transmission and application of life energy. He believed that there are 5 golden rules or guidelines that are the secret success for happiness. A person will preserve the purity of thoughts and emotions if he adheres to these rules. This is an important prerequisite for preserving health. The principles are intended primarily for Reiki practitioners, but others can also use them, as they will reduce and eliminate stress. 5 Golden rules are:

  1. I am not worried today.
  2. I am not angry today.
  3. Today I am grateful for everything.
  4. I work honestly today.
  5. I am kind and benevolent towards everyone today.

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