Winding, solid, safe and wide stairs are the best choice

Winding, solid, safe and wide stairs are the best choice
Stairs are important conductors of “chi” energy in the home. It takes less effort to make the stairs comfortable for all household members.
There are difficulties in earning money and professional advancement if the stairs are not favorable. Common staircases in residential buildings (used by all tenants) are not considered part of your living space – according to feng shu philosophy.
Make your stairs strong, wide and safe and winding as possible.
It is believed that a winding staircase is the best because it slows down the flow of “chi” and forces it to wind its way towards the house. A spiral staircase is not favorable and should be limited to the outer part of the living space (for example, the garden).
It is believed that the spiral staircase resembles a corkscrew that hurts the heart of the home.
A real winding staircase and slightly curved but solid stairs with appropriate handrails are considered a good choice.
Straight stairs are good and do not cause damage, but it is desirable to find a way to slow down the passage of “chi” energy towards the home (if the stairs are directly opposite the front door).
The stairs are best placed (built) sideways (and on the dragon’s side, i.e. in the east) and can also be on the left side of the house (your left side when you look outside). Dragon side has 2 definitions because katkat defines it with compass sector technology. However, determine the left side of the home and then you will know which side is the dragon’s side. Placing a step on the dragon’s side increases business, career mobility.
Stairs whose bottom is wider than the top are ideal because it is a symbol of great wealth entering the interior of your home
Do not start the stairs from the main door, because the “chi” will climb too quickly towards the entrance. Place a partition if that’s the case.

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