Cycling is a fun way to boost your recreation regimen

Cycling is a fun way to boost your recreation regimen
Adequate equipment will ensure safe cycling and enhance the effects of riding.
Choice of bicycle – a good bicycle does not necessarily mean an expensive bicycle. The most important parameters are the appropriate height and a relatively comfortable seat (although no seat is absolutely comfortable). It is advisable to rent various types of bicycles first if one is not sure which model to choose. That way you will find out which model suits you best. Ask the dealer to ride certain models outdoors (when buying a bike). And so it will be easier for you to choose a bicycle model.
Wheels (tires)choose smooth tires if you plan to ride the bike on roads. Smooth tires adhere best to the surface and suffer less resistance than tires with furrows (patterns).
Protective helmet – a bicycle helmet is essential for safe riding. Try several models before buying.
Accessories – get headlights (lights) if you plan to ride your bike early in the morning or later in the evening. Choose lights that can be attached/removed according to your needs.
Try 4 types of cycling:

  1. Driving uphill – the excitement of climbing to the top can motivate a person to continue getting in shape. Over time, the bicycle rider becomes stronger, which makes it much easier to ride a bicycle on flat terrain. Choose a gentle elevation – and only one to begin with – if you have no experience. Set new challenges only after gaining experience.
  2. Recovery ride – the best way to recover from a hard bike ride – is to sit on the bike the next day. This should be done at a much slower pace. This will alleviate any muscle inflammation.
  3. Driving during vacation – the simplest is to rent a bicycle upon arrival at the destination – if you are not traveling in your own car and/or you are not able to carry a bicycle during the trip.
  4. Driving down the hill – driving from the top of the hill (some hills) towards the valley is more demanding for beginners. Drive at the lowest speed with your foot on the brake and braking until you reach the valley. Cyclists always say that it’s easier to ride up a hill than down a hill to a valley. Caution is advised.

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