Vegetable oils are effective for skin care of all generations Second Part (Soybean oil is used as an anti-mosquito agent)

Vegetable oils are effective for skin care of all generations Second Part (Soybean oil is used as an anti-mosquito agent)
Oils with low protection factor (SPF):

Macadamia oil – SPF 6
Sesame oil – SPF 2-4
Shea butter – SPF 3-6
Coconut oil – SPF 2-8
Olive oil – SPF 2-8
Avocado oil – SPF 4-15
Castor oil – SPF 6
Almond oil – SPF 5

  1. Soybean oil – cold-pressed soybean oil has good nutritional value due to the high content of linoleic acid, lecithin, phytosterols, tocopherols and vitamins B1, B2, B12, C, K, E and F. Soybeans contain important minerals (manganese, iron, copper , phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, zinc, calcium and potassium). The high content of vitamin E (in soybean oil) has the effect of a powerful antioxidant, simultaneously protecting the skin from harmful free radicals. Vitamin E whitens scars and spots, protects the skin from burns and promotes the growth of new skin cells. Soybean oil is quickly absorbed, improves and evens tone and prevents wrinkles. It is used as a mosquito repellent. It has SPF 10.
  2. Zinc oxide – this is a natural mineral. In combination with oils, it protects the skin from UVA radiation. It is used in facing products. Zinc oxide is used for baby skin care and in soothing lotions. It has antiseptic and antifungal effects. That is why it is used as a preservative in skin care products. It is added to creams and lotions in concentrations from 2% to 10%. It must not be inhaled during the preparation of natural cosmetics.
  3. Titanium dioxide – this mineral is often combined with zinc oxide. SPF 10 is obtained by adding 5% powder to the sunscreen mixture. Care must be taken when adding higher concentrations due to the density of the mixture. It must not be inhaled when preparing the tanning mixture.
  4. Heliogard 365- Heliogard 365 is an extract of the red algae Porphyria umbilicalis (which is used as an effective natural UVA filter). It is suitable for daily use and skin protection against premature aging. The recommended concentration in natural preparations is from 1% to 5%.
  5. Foods that protect the skin from sunbathing, aging and the appearance of wrinkles – doctors say that proper nutrition is the best protection for the body and skin. Food should be rich in vitamin C (which protects and restores the skin) and carotenoids, which prepare the skin for the sun and aging. Daily consumption of these products will protect your skin from the sun, promote regeneration and reduce the possibility of allergic reactions. Foods that protect the skin from the sun are cocoa, black tea and green tea. Carotenoids are found in peach, mango, apricot, papaya, sweet potato and turnip. Lycopene is a component of tomatoes, red peppers, red grapefruit, pomegranates, broccoli and green leafy vegetables. Tocotrienol is contained in barley, rye, oats and palm oil. Berries and citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Omega-3 fatty acids are in hemp seeds and chia seeds. Histidine is contained in wheat, rye and dairy products.
  6. Homemade sunscreen – ingredients: half a cup of almond or olive oil, a quarter of a cup of coconut oil, a quarter of a cup of beeswax, 2 tablespoons of zinc oxide, 2 tablespoons of shea butter, essential oil or vanilla extract. Melt the oils, butter and wax in a double-bottomed saucepan over low heat. Remove from heat and let cool. Add zinc oxide. Do not inhale zinc oxide. Mix until you get a uniform mixture. Use like all other sun protection products. The shelf life is 6 months.
  7. Homemade tanning preparation with aloia vera – ingredients: half a cup of pure aloia vera gel, 20 drops of carrot oil, 5 tablespoons of wheat germ oil, one tablespoon of hemp oil, 5 drops of lavender oil. Mix all the ingredients. Shake before use.


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