Long corridors should be full of decorative objects

Long corridors should be full of decorative objects
Corridors (in homes, houses, office buildings and rooms) have a strong influence on the flow of positive (chi) energy. Long corridors should be full of decorative objects to disrupt the straight flow of “chi” energy (because it is thus forced to slow down and accumulate).
Always decorate the corridors nicely because they are the main conduits of positive energy to the rest of the house. Feng shui masters advise placing rooms at the end of corridors (because long and straight corridors cause harmful chi).
Corridors are not difficult to correct
The main idea is to disrupt the straight flow of chi. Place an object that will visually cut the length of the corridor (a potted plant, a picture, a bell, hollow bamboo stems tied with red thread, or a low chest of drawers).

The lighting in the corridors should be well done
Bad lighting in corridors “traps” yin energy or the existing chi becomes stale. Corridors should have some curves and be well lit – according to the possibilities of the tenants. There should not be any dark corners in the corridor (because in them the beneficial energy becomes lifeless and stale and stagnant). This causes bad feng shui to manifest itself in the form of fatigue, listlessness and illness of the occupants. Let natural light into the hallway when possible.
Do not close the windows in the corridors with blinds and curtains
Artificial light that replaces natural light should be mild and indirect. If the rooms are on the left and right sides of the corridor, then their doors should not be facing each other (as this suggests a certain amount of conflict between tenants).
Placing crystals on small tables reduces negativity
Crystals bring good energy, especially in well-lit places.



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