The hanging fan should be above the feet and never above the head

The hanging fan should be above the feet and never above the head
Objects in sleeping areas and bedrooms are important because they affect health and happiness. The mirror should not be opposite the bed because it causes deterioration of the relationship of the person sleeping in the bed and sometimes with serious consequences. The fan should not be placed directly above the bed, but if you have a hanging fan (ceiling fan) then it is preferable that it be above the feet and never above the head.
Lamps placed above the headboard are not good and should be on the side
The picture next to the bed is a great option, but the scene should be suitable for the bedroom. Do not post pictures of wild animals, any water, dragon or any deity. A picture of Jesus Christ (or Buddha and the like) on the bedroom wall is not a good idea (unless the person is married or married). Place these pictures directly above the headboard and never above the foot of the bed – feng shui experts advise.
People are most vulnerable when they sleep
Remove all objects that disturb you so that the flow of energy is calming and positive. Feng shui tips are always related to energy. Everything in the living space has essential energy (which can be beneficial or harmful). Anything sharp, pointed or angular is considered negative (because it emits harsh and harmful chi).
Don’t let anything sharp, pointed or angular be near your sleeping bed
Or even worse, don’t let it be directly towards the head of the bed because you will be bombarded with your own energy. Look carefully around the bed and under the bed. Eliminating, blocking and mitigating heavy objects is not difficult. Pictures, decorative objects and bed ends take on new meaning when a person develops awareness of these objects and their presence.
If you feel that an object is disturbing you (in the room where you sleep), then remove that object from your sight. You should not be paranoid, but clear the space in the bedroom calmly and calmly.
The best bedroom shapes are square or rectangle. In order to achieve a balanced balance, decorative objects and pictures with beautiful colors will serve – if the room is irregularly shaped.
A wise camouflage is always the placement of curtains or closets (if some part of the bedroom space gives you a bad feeling)
Boosters of good energy and harmony are under the bed
Get a small gold or silver box (a regular box covered with gold or silver paper). Place 7 types of different crystals (for example, pale yellow quartz or citrine for earth, jasper for fire, sodalite for water, tiger’s eye or dark yellow quartz with brown streaks for wood and silver or gold for metal). Close the box and keep it under the bed in the part above the head. It is a great way to activate the happiness associated with well-being and relationships with people.


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