The home aquarium should have 9 fish or a number divisible by 9

The home aquarium should have 9 fish or a number divisible by 9
Installing an aquarium in the home and keeping live fish will bring prosperity – says feng shui.
The most popular fish are goldfish, dragonfish (golden or silver arowana) and Japanese carp (Japanese koi fish). These 3 types of fish are believed to symbolize good luck, great abundance and prosperity. If bubbles pass through the water, then this is additional yang positive energy of the house.
An aquarium or a small lake will activate good luck associated with the wealth of the home. Keep aquariums in the north, east or southeast of the living room – if you don’t know a more professional way of determining the best location. Use a compass to determine the directions of home.
Let the water be clean and the fish healthy (neither too much nor too little food)
It sometimes happens that the first fish in the aquarium die (because the pH balance of the water has not always been reached). Be persistent because the water will soon calm down and the fish will be happy.
Positive changes will happen quickly after installing an aquarium (or a small indoor lake) in the home
8 tips for keeping an aquarium at home

  1. Do not place the aquarium in front of the front door, because it acts like a mirror (that is, wealth leaves the home).
  2. Do not use the aquarium as a partition between two doors, because this worsens the bad situation of the home
  3. Never place the aquarium in the kitchen, under a load-bearing beam, in front of the toilet or under the stairs.
  4. The dragon fish (arovana) is one of the best fish for a home aquarium. Also choose goldfish or groupers (whose wavy movements mean precious energy and their presence in your home brings wealth).
  5. Always keep 9 fish in your home aquarium or a number divisible by 9 (including one black fish). The black fish symbolically absorbs all the negative chi energy that enters the surrounding space.
  6. if one or more fish die – it is not a sign of restlessness. That’s what happens. Get goldfish again and keep the aquarium clean and tidy.
  7. A clean and tidy aquarium means that the best flow of chi will pass through the vault of the tank, ensuring that money flows towards you.
  8. Also, do not keep the aquarium near the main entrance door or in the bedrooms.


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