Eating peanuts consumes energy and burns calories

Eating peanuts consumes energy and burns calories
Researchers are always discovering foods that help burn calories and lose weight (especially in the stomach and hips).

  1. Red pepper-Vitamin C stimulates the production of carnitine (which helps muscles use fat). The professional magazine “The Journal of Nutrition” published the results that people with elevated levels of vitamin C have a lower body mass index.
  2. Avocado – Eating one avocado brings 15 grams of fiber into the body and gives a long feeling of satiety. Avocado is rich in protein, fiber and fatty acids that lower cholesterol, studies say that a diet rich in avocado lowers bad cholesterol.
  3. Algae – contain a high level of iodine, which stimulates the production of thyroid hormones and the breakdown of fat. Scientists at The New Castle University found that alginic acid (in seaweed) can reduce fat absorption by 75%.
  4. Eggs have only 80 calories and 6 grams of protein. That’s why eggs are the ideal food for breakfast. Amino acids in eggs are great for weight loss. Researchers at The Rochester Obesity Center in America found that people who eat eggs for breakfast then consume fewer calories during the day. They are less likely to have a hunger pang.
  5. Grapefruit-grapefruit juice should be drunk with breakfast because it slows down the accumulation of body mass. A scientific study by The University of California found that people who drink grapefruit juice have an average of 18% less excess body weight.
  6. Cumin – this is a miracle spice that lowers cholesterol. A study from Iran said that groups that ate 3 grams of cumin during testing lost almost 3 times more body fat than those who did not consume cumin.
  7. Oats are rich in fiber that prolongs the feeling of satiety. Just one serving of oats provides a third of your daily fiber needs. The professional magazine “Journal of The American College of Nutrition” published the results of a study that people who ate oats were full for hours.
  8. Spinach has a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Prevents the accumulation of water in the body. Scientists from Lund University in Sweden found that spinach extract (which contains thylakoids) accelerates body weight loss by 43%.
  9. Dark chocolate – two cubes contain at least 70% cocoa and promote weight loss. The University of Copenhagen has proven that dark chocolate reduces the need for sweet and fatty foods.
  10. The peanut-man needs a lot of energy to digest peanuts. This means that snacking on peanuts also burns calories. But you should not exaggerate. The magazine “The International Journal of Obesity” found that peanuts accelerated the metabolism by 11%.


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