20 useful tips on the correct choice and storage of perfume

20 tips on the correct choice and storage of perfume
Choosing a perfume is a complex and delicate task. Some perfume will suit one person perfectly, another person will find it unpleasant, and a third person won’t even feel that perfume with their sense of smell. Beauticians give useful advice on the correct choice of perfume and the proper way to store and use perfume.

  1. Great connoisseurs, inventors and masters of perfumes The French have classified perfumes in a certain way, However, even the French admit that perfume is a personal matter of a person. And every person who wants to use perfume should make a certain effort to find the ideal perfume and adjust the perfume to their own personality.
  2. It is recommended that people with darker hair color choose fresh and floral perfumes, while people with blonde hair prefer warmer and heavier scents based on ambergris.
  3. The fragrance should be tried “on an empty stomach” because then you are more sensitive than if you choose a perfume on a full stomach.
  4. First drop the scent on the back of the hand in the area of ​​the vein. Wait a moment for the perfume to evaporate. Then you will smell the perfume properly after the emanation evaporates.
  5. Do not try several perfumes at the same time. Rather try one and then another the next day. The perfume often acquires a completely new pleasant (or unpleasant) smell from the initial smell only the next day.
  6. Perfume is the strongest and most concentrated scent. Therefore, do not apply perfume directly to your hair or skin. Spray with a sprayer, because this is the best way to distribute it, but it also saves money.
  7. It is wrong to put perfume behind the ear or on the neck. Perfume should be placed in places where blood vessels pulsate. These are the veins on the wrist or neck.
  8. The perfume should be sprayed on the places where the heat is concentrated (palms, bend of the forearm and knees).
  9. Do not spray clothes with perfume. Perfume damages all fabrics and leaves traces.
  10. Spray perfume on the fabric only on certain occasions, but with a lot of caution and in moderation. Don’t overdo it.
  11. It is better to perfume clothes indirectly. Hang the clothes on a hanger wrapped in cotton wool or gauze soaked in perfume.
  12. Indirect perfuming of clothes is easy to do. Take an ordinary wooden hanger. Cover the hanger with a layer of cotton (or cover it with fabric). Periodically spray the coat hanger with perfume.
  13. Put the empty perfume bottles in the drawers or closet where the clothes are kept.
  14. Put gloves, hats, scarves, scarves, shawls in bags lined with cotton and sprayed with perfume. These actions will give your clothes a discreet scent that is noticeable and very pleasant.
  15. Perfume easily breaks down into its components if exposed to light and heat and even if it is in a closed bottle. That’s why you keep the perfume in a fresh, dry and dark place (preferably in a drawer or closet). Take the perfume out of the closet only if you want to use it. Check the perfume because the bottle should be tightly closed.
  16. It is best to have a smaller spray bottle and keep the perfume in its original packaging. Pour only a small amount into the bottle. Refill the bottle when the perfume is used up.
  17. Large XXL packages of perfume should be divided into smaller bottles. Seal the bottles with wax or paraffin.
  18. Use marbles to put in the bottle (when the bottle is empty over time). Clickers will raise the liquid level and thus reduce the air space. Thus, they prevent the decomposition of the perfume.
  19. Periodically clean perfume vaporizers well with 90% alcohol (because essential oils can settle, which change their original properties over time and can clog the sprayer).
  20. Vaporizer, gauze, cotton wool, 90% alcohol and similar supplies can be bought in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription.

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