10 tips to quickly warm the body in an extremely cold room

10 tips to quickly warm the body in an extremely cold room

  1. A person should breathe in and out slowly several times (after waking up) so that he does not feel very cold if he slept in a cold room. Then contract the muscles in your arms and legs and suddenly release them. Drink a cup of warm tea (while still in bed) that you kept overnight in a thermos bottle.
  2. Vigorously rubbing the whole body with a sharp glove will contribute to rapid warming. The heat will spread throughout the body as soon as the skin turns slightly red due to rubbing.
  3. Frostbite on the hands can be avoided. Wash your hands twice with soap and water, but put 4 sugar cubes in the water (this amount of sugar is for 1 to 2 liters of water). Do not wash your hands, but carefully wipe them with a towel.
  4. Have a hearty breakfast during a very cold day. You can then reduce the amount of other meals.
  5. Make a fist. Raise your arms up several times in succession and perform several circular movements.
  6. You should not warm up with an alcoholic drink. Then the opposite happens, because the blood vessels expand on the surface of the skin and thus a large amount of calories are lost.
  7. A sugar cube on which you have dripped some cognac (or brandy) will warm up the body the fastest.
  8. It is preferable to sleep an hour longer during extreme cold. Sleep removes toxins and strengthens the body in calories.
  9. There are bed warmers today. Drink a cup of sweet tea before going to bed. Or, warm yourself with hot water bottles (if you don’t have sleeping heaters).
  10. It is better to wear several thin layers of clothing that do not constrict the body, rather than, for example, only one heavy coat made of thick fabric.

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