14 tips for baby care and choosing toys

14 tips for baby care and choosing toys
The infant is very vulnerable and has special needs. The needs of a baby who is still breastfeeding should be known in order for the baby to develop and grow properly and to avoid possible diseases.

  1. It is best for the infant to have a separate room, but the baby almost always stays and sleeps with the parents or with other household members. Such rooms should be ventilated regularly.
  2. It is not a good habit to receive visitors in the room where the infant is staying. Bacteria also spread with speech (through tiny and invisible drops and even over a distance of more than 1 meter).
  3. Approaching the child’s bed (bed) should be prevented. It is understandable that the infant should not be touched or kissed too much.
  4. If the child has a separate room, then such a room should be arranged according to hygiene regulations. The floor should be smooth. Or the carpet should be light so that it can be cleaned often. Windows should not have heavy curtains that collect a lot of dust.
  5. There should be no unnecessary objects in the children’s room, nor is it desirable for the room to be cluttered with various objects.
  6. The room where the infant stays should be full of sunlight. You should have few useful objects, bright and clean walls and a smooth floor. In the common room, the child should have a small bed, a wardrobe and a bath tub.
  7. The temperature of the room is important for the development of the infant. Summer and high temperature with swelter can be reduced by frequent airing of the room and thicker curtains. Heating maintains a constant temperature in winter. The room should not be heated too much. A child is better off in a less heated room than in an overheated room. The optimum temperature is around 18 degrees C.
  8. The child should not be tied or covered with a lot of porkers. The consequences of these procedures are multiple (normal development is prevented, breathing is difficult, the body’s resistance is reduced and the proper development of thermoregulatory mechanisms is prevented).
  9. The bedding in which the baby (several months old) stays should be comfortable so that the child has freedom of movement.
  10. The base of the child’s bed should be firm and the bedding should be changed often. The child can sleep on a flat, harder mattress without a headboard.
  11. Blankets should be light and soft and attached to the edge of the bed. Feet should be warmed only if they are cold and the room temperature is low.
  12. Toys should be washed often with a solution of neutral soap and water. The choice of toys is important for the child’s psyche.
  13. Children’s first toys should stimulate the sense of sight and hearing. The toys should be shiny and painted in stronger colors and make some sounds.
  14. The child should get more interesting toys later. A child often likes the least expensive toy the most.

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