16 tips for using and cleaning objects in the home

16 tips for using and cleaning objects in the home

  1. A heating pad is an object that we use in winter to quickly warm up the legs, feet, and body. Boil hot water and add a little salt. That way, you can easily clean the hot water heater (heater) later.
  2. Almost every household has wicker baskets for fruit, bread and pastries. These items will have their original shine if you scrub the items with a brush and salt water. Let them air dry.
  3. Sometimes sweat stains appear on clothes under the armpits. Pour the ammonia into the water. Then iron the clothes between two towels. Repeat as needed.
  4. Periodically rub lacquered objects (shoes, handbags, ornaments) with a cloth dipped in egg white. The egg white maintains elasticity and prevents cracking of the varnish. Gently rub the objects with a so-called “deer cloth” when the egg white has dried.
  5. The easiest way to clean ashtrays, vases, glasses and other objects made of ground glass is with a cloth dipped in pure (pharmacy) alcohol.
  6. Lipstick stains will come off if you rub the items with Vaseline. Afterwards, wash these items with warm water and soap.
  7. Egg white can be used to clean stains on the backs of armchairs, chair seats, leather-covered armchairs and the like. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Coat the entire surface with a soft brush dipped in egg white. Allow the items to dry. Polish leather items with a paste that is the same color as the item.
  8. Gilded or bronze picture frames are cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in beaten egg yolk. Beat the yolks with a fork. Wait for the objects to dry. Then polish the entire surface of the object with a silk cloth.
  9. Oil paintings can be cleaned of stains (from cigarette smoke, soot, heating, dust, etc.). carefully wash the pictures with a solution of water and neutral soap. Afterwards, rinse with the solution with a soft brush (or sponge) and clean water.
  10. Bookshelves can be cleaned. Take out the books and tap them to remove the dust. Glue the damaged books with breathable adhesive tape. Grease stains can be removed by sprinkling baby powder on the books. Sprinkle a thick layer of powder. Separate one page of the book (with stains) from the other pages of the book with blotting paper. Leave the powder overnight. Remove with a brush in the morning. Iron the wrinkled parts of the book over clean silk paper (fleece paper). Clean the ink stains carefully with 90% alcohol.
  11. Woolen items can sometimes lose their colors or remain colorful after washing (with color spillover on the item). Colors are sometimes not permanent. Wash woolen items in several cold waters with a light kneading of the items (hat, scarf, scarf, ornaments, etc.). add a little vinegar to the last cold water and put the item back in. Iron wet handkerchiefs between two dry towels.
  12. Ironable items that have stains after ironing. Submerge the objects in the water into which you poured oxygen. Then rinse with plain water. Soak the sponge with soap and water and rub the stains on the objects.
  13. Rubber objects can be cleaned if you coat such objects with egg white snow.
  14. You can use old batteries if you remove the graphite from the batteries. Graphite is useful for coating stove or oven plates.
  15. Old gramophone records and CDs can be cleaned well with a solution of water and liquid soap.
  16. If the rotary switches (in the home) are faulty, then the life of the light bulb is significantly reduced and the radios produce hissing sounds. These phenomena will be removed if you replace such switches with pushbutton switches.



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