13 tips for keeping plants indoors during the winter

13 tips for keeping plants indoors during the winter

  1. Gardeners in Japan use an excellent recipe for the longevity of indoor plants in pots. Cut the end of the plant stem diagonally. Then briefly touch the end of the plant to a lighted match or candle flame. This prevents the penetration of bacteria and fungi (which normally multiply quickly and cause the plant to rot).
  2. If the plant (or leaves) has started to wither, then insert 1 or 2 tablets of activated carbon into the soil. Black activated carbon prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria (which can cause the plant to die).
  3. Coffee grounds can also be added to potted plants from time to time.
  4. Water the plants with stagnant water. Sometimes water the plants with mint, chamomile, thyme tea.
  5. Flowers in vases will stay fresh longer if you add 2 sugar cubes or 2 aspirins to the water.
  6. And tea grounds are excellent nutrition for plants in winter conditions.
  7. Sage is a great herb to add (tea, dried herb, tea grounds) to potted plants. Sage has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, so it will be an excellent protection against bacteria and viruses (which attack decorative indoor plants).
  8. Periodically wipe the leaves of the plant with a slightly damp cloth. Or use a sprayer with a sprayer.
  9. Black coal (which we use for grilling) is useful when maintaining a garden or ornamental plants. Scatter small pieces of coal around the garden, around flowers or between decorative plants. Coal will preserve moisture, but also prevent the growth of weeds.
  10. A flower (or a bouquet of flowers on the table) will last longer with the use of black coal. Place a piece of coal in a flower vase and pour water. The coal will be a filter and keep the water clean and clear.
  11. Black coal will nourish the tender and sensitive orchid. Place the pieces of coal in the container (with the orchid). The orchid will have food and the pieces of black coal will at the same time maintain the necessary humidity of the plant.
  12. Activated (medical) charcoal is good for reviving the vegetative parts of the plant (leaf, stem, root) in water. Add a piece of activated carbon (in granules or lump). This prevents the rotting of the plant and the development of undesirable bacteria in the water (which can harm the plants).
  13. Some people using the stove and wood for heating/cooking. Small pieces of wood will be charred when collecting ashes from the fireplace. Separate these pieces and cool them. Collect in a bag. This is an excellent first aid for the vegetative parts of the plant (leaf, stem, root). Grind the pieces into powder and then treat the semi-dry early vegetative parts of the plant (leaf, stem, root). Leave some pieces of charred wood whole (as they are good for reviving the vegetative parts of the plant).




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