6 tips for growing tulips outdoors

6 tips for growing tulips outdoors
Half of October to the end of November is the ideal time for planting tulips. The land should be permeable, that is, the land should not retain water. Water stagnates on soil with too much clay. Such soil is not permeable and tulip seeds will rot. The soil should be improved with the addition of river sand and very little compost to make the soil lighter, looser and to drain water more easily.

  1. Gardeners collect plant remains during autumn. The surface should be treated with ash up to 20 cm deep. The surface should be enriched with fertilizer. It is important to remove all remains of plant material from the soil so that the tulip seeds do not rot.
  2. Level the soil well with a rake and then with your hands without pressing. Thus, the soil will be loose and soft.
  3. Spread the tulip seeds on the ground. The optimal distance between plants is written on the original seed packages (from nurseries, stores and garden centers). Otherwise, the golden rule is to plant tulips 3 seeds wide.
  4. The ideal depth is written on the seed packages. By the way, the rule here too is that the planting depth should be 3 times the height of the seed (so that above it there is soil at the height of 2 seeds).
  5. The perfect tool for quickly setting tulip seeds (to the desired surface and depth) is a specialized planting tool. This is a specially designed tool that can make a hole without compacting the soil. Then the tulips will not encounter hard soil during growth and will spread without difficulty (when they start to develop from the roots).
  6. Gently press the tool into the loose soil to make a hole (in which you will place the tulip seeds). Cover with the excavated soil, which should not be pressed down too much.

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