8 most known cheeses from Swiss

8 most known cheeses from Swiss

Switzerland is a worldwide famous for its cheeses. There are plenty of sorts from mild to spicy and rich in taste. We usualy cut cheese in tiny slices and use it as the basic ingridient in many dishes and salads or as a garnish. All kind of cheeses in Swizerland is important part of the economy of the country and one of the main export good.

Switzerland is a mountainous country where cattle is raised and pastured since about 2.000 BC. Alpine valleys and meadows are ideal location for keeping livestock. The cheese from Switzerland have been soft until the 15the century and after they started to produce hard cheeses that become more popular. Each cheese is haviang a different aroma, flavour and texture and reflects German, French and Italian traditions. There are over 400 different types of cheese in Switzerland and most are made with raw milk.

  1. Tilsiter- this is kind of a creamy cheese usually produced in the eastern part of the country. The name is given after Swiss emigres in Tilsit, Prussia. He discover the recepeit in the 19th century and returned to Switzerland with his recipe.
  2. Emmental-  is also known as The King of Cheeses. Its the best cheese for fondue. this is mild type of cheese with a large holes and the most popular. Emmental is producing in Emmental and the central German speaking areas.  
  3. Appenzeller- this is the cheese with the strong taste and aroma. It is mainly produces in the northeastern part of Swiss. Taste depend on the lenght of rippening’s time.
  4. Gruyère-this type is made in the western part of Swiss. A young cheese is having a mild flavour (described as „doux“) and a highly matured one is having very intense flavour.
  5. Raclette- this type is using to make a „raclette“ dish. This cheese is making all ove the country but originates from the French part of the country called „Valais“.
  6. Sbrinz- this cheese is similar to Parmesa by its strong flavour. The cheese is matured for up to 3 years. This is producing all over the country but originating from Brienz (in teh Bernese Oberland).
  7. Vacherin Fribourgeois- this cheese is originating from Fribourg. this is using for making a fondue since this type of cheese is medium-soft.
  8. Tête de Moine- the name means „the monk’s head“. This type is first made by monks in the 12 the century. The other name is „Bellelay“. The cheese is made in Jura.     






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