How to quickly soothe a child according to the child’s age

How to quickly soothe a child according to the child’s age

  1. One-year-old child – a restless one-year-old child will calm down the fastest if you give the child an empty box with a lid. The child will turn the box for a while and try to close the box. A child is advanced if he manages to close the box but at the same time shows patience (one of the best qualities).
  2. A child who is 15 months old – The child is not yet sure on his feet, although this does not hinder his desire to climb 2 to 3 steps. The child usually clings to the fence frantically and tirelessly repeats the same movements. At the same time, the child should not be further confused by loud exclamations, because at that time the child has more patience than many adults.
  3. A 2-year-old child – a 2-year-old child really wants to put on clothes independently, and this activity should be allowed to the child. Don’t do anything to suppress the child’s desire to show practical sense and a certain independence.
  4. Five-year-old child – a child who is about 5 years old will rarely continue the initial game if the child’s peers appear. However, a five-year-old child should be regularly taken to a kindergarten or playroom, because he will quickly fit into play and socializing with other children.
  5. Six-year-old child – if the child likes to draw on paper, then adults should never interrupt (bother) him with questions about the emerging drawing and other comments. A child of this age can stop drawing if he hears adults say, for example, “the drawing is good, but the rabbit is disproportionately large and similar” (because the imagined rabbit in the child’s creator’s imagination was imagined as a parip).
  6. Eight-year-old children – children of this age group most often hide toys and various objects in hidden corners of corridors and rooms and have already hidden corners in the room (for favorite toys and books). Adults are advised not to prevent the child from doing so. A child of that age (like adults) already feels the need to spend some time in peace and quiet. And that is a completely normal phenomenon.

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