Tips for facial care with massage at home

Tips for facial care with massage at home
A man who radiates health also radiates freshness, which we believe is more than tired and withered beauty. Proper breathing and good digestion are always listed as important facts that really make a person healthy and attractive. A person should focus attention on every part of the body and persistent and patient care. There are tips that shed light on the problem and consider it from various angles.
It is impossible to completely prevent wrinkles on the face, which are an inevitable companion of aging. However, wrinkles are not always a reflection of age. They also apply to young people who we say have “lively facial expressions”. There are also people to whom wrinkles give a special and irresistible charm. So, everything depends on the man’s decision to ignore wrinkles, tame wrinkles or try to smooth out (reduce) wrinkles.
Facial massage, body relaxation and wrinkle removal

  1. Dry massage is useful. With the joined index finger and thumb, gently pull (and pinch) the skin on the face from the chin to the temples – Do not touch the skin too deeply, because muscle movement is not allowed during this massage.
  2. Massage with creams is recommended especially for people with dry facial skin – apply a layer of cream on your face. Hold your fingers in a horizontal direction and press your face with your joined fingers. Start from the chin over the cheeks, towards the temples and towards the lower eyelids. Massage the area around the eyes with the same movements, always with your fingers pointing horizontally. You can apply a cream to that part of the face that collects the loose tissue of the epidermis. Pinch the eyebrows in a horizontal direction starting from the nose. Massage the skin on the forehead with uniform circular movements (pulling the skin as well as the part behind the ears and on the temples). End the massage by gently patting your face.
  3. Lie on a carpet in a dark room (turn off all noise and sounds). Raise your feet on the pillow. Dip a thicker napkin in linden tea (one handful of dried linden in half a liter of water). Put a wet napkin on your face. Then put a dry terry towel on your face. Thus, humidity and heat will be maintained longer.
  4. A series of carefully performed movements can smooth out wrinkles to some extent or slow down the formation of wrinkles. Round your mouth as if you want to blow a soap bubble. Pinch your lips tightly with your index finger. Blow into an imaginary trumpet. Close your eyelids and squeeze them tightly with your palms (imagining a pile of black coal). Move the pupils of the eyes alternately – up and down, left and right.
  5. Open your mouth as if you want to bite into a “big apple”, then close your mouth slightly. Close your mouth by chewing an imaginary bite that you move from one side to the other (filling the cavity of the cheek with an imaginary bite).

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