6 tips to make shoes and clothes last longer

6 tips to make shoes and clothes last longer

  1. Leather gloves should not be washed with soap and water (because the leather is damaged). Use very salty water with a little vinegar when washing. Pat dry with a cloth. Flatten the gloves and leave them over the cloth to spread evenly and dry.
  2. Tight leather gloves – they can spread if you wrap the gloves in a damp cloth. Leave it for some time.
  3. Varnished shoes will last longer if you occasionally rub such shoes with a cloth dipped in glycerin. Then polish the shoes with a dry woolen cloth.
  4. The soles of the shoes will not slide on a wet, varnished or slippery surface if you rub such soles with raw potatoes.
  5. Greasy stains on leather bags and backpacks – rub the stains with egg white (wet the cloth in beaten egg white and rub each stain separately). Then polish the entire surface of the bag with a woolen cloth.
  6. A bag, belt, wallet or shoes made of snake skin or lizard will last a long time if you rub such items occasionally with crumpled pieces of newspaper (paper).

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