A pillow with buckwheat or a pillow with cherry pods for all ages

A pillow with buckwheat or a pillow with cherry pods
Pillow with buckwheat husks – it is recommended to use this pillow for a maximum of 3 years (because all natural materials lose their properties after that period and the user may have bad sleep and experience headaches, migraines and neck pain). The rustling of the scales during sleep will be a nuisance perhaps during the initial period of sleep until the user gets used to it. Choose pillows with chemically untreated buckwheat (that is, from a mountain area if possible). It is better to take a pillow with larger flakes than with smaller flakes. The buckwheat pillow should be exposed to strong sunlight at least once a month, and aired and exposed to the sun once a week. You usually get another pack of extra filling (about half a kilogram if the pillow is 2 kg) that can be added (or taken away) to the pillow (according to the owner’s needs). Buckwheat grain is rich in nutrients, mineral salts and vitamins. Composition: carbohydrates (72.9%), proteins (11.7%), vegetable oils (2.4%). Minerals: potassium (448 mg), phosphorus (282 mg), calcium (114 mg), also magnesium, sodium and iron in smaller quantities. Buckwheat also contains microelements (iodine, zinc, bromine), organic acids and rutin, a substance from the group of vitamin P (which is an excellent remedy for many diseases of the modern age, and above all: hypertension, rheumatism, glaucoma, diabetes and diseases that arise as a consequence of radioactive radiation. Buckwheat also has a positive effect in the treatment of blood flow diseases, enlarged veins, broken capillaries, poor memory. Buckwheat came from Asia to Europe in the 15th century during the Crusades. The Japanese call it “The plant of love”. Washing, ironing is prohibited. , dry cleaning, tumble drying and bleaching.

Pillow with cherry pits – cherry is especially beneficial against cardiovascular diseases. The healing pillow will relieve joint pain and be effective against nervousness and stress. Pillows can replace a hot water bottle and an ice pack (because the fibers that make up the core of the cherry retain heat and cold very well). A heated medical pillow made of cherry stones reduces muscle tension, stomach cramps, neck pain and stiffness, and frostbite. On the other hand, a cooled pillow helps in case of sprains, bruises, toothache, headache, migraine.
A pillow made of cherry beehives at home – wash the used beehives, spread them on trays and dry them in the air for a few days (but not in direct sunlight). Then put the baskets in a linen, cotton or silk bag. Shape the pillow as you wish, i.e. as it suits you best. A semicircular pillow is ideal for holding around the neck, and a rectangular pillow for other parts of the body. Fill the pillow case with 300-400 g of dry pits (that’s approximately six to eight kilograms of fresh cherries), sew it up, and you can use it immediately. It is also interesting that this type of pillow can be used for years without losing its properties. It is best to make a pillowcase with buttons or Velcro because this type of pillow with cherry stones should not be washed. It is important to note that the pillow is completely harmless for all ages and is always used on clean skin if applied directly. Never use the pillow after using ointments, gels, creams, etc.
Ways of use:
Headache – hold the pillow for up to 10 minutes on the forehead, crown or back of the head. It helps in warm, cold and very cold form depending on the type of headache. The pillow gives a massage effect, strengthens circulation and relaxes the muscles of the head, shoulders and neck (because the bones are round).
Psychophysical tension – use a heated pillow. Hold for up to 15 minutes in the neck area, on the shoulders. Be in a comfortable sitting or lying position or even standing and you will soon feel relief.
Menstrual cycle in women – a warm pillow will help women with pain during their monthly cycles. Place the heated pillow on the lower abdomen and lower back for 10-15 minutes.
Insomnia and bad mood – A heated pillow improves mood and helps you fall asleep more easily every night. Relax in your favorite armchair or chair for 15 minutes. Move the warm pillow in order – from the neck area, down the back, all the way to the buttocks, staying a minute or two in each area. Then you can put it on your knees, and finally put the pillow down on the joints of your legs and feet. At night, put a cooled or warm cherry pit pillow on the pillow you normally use.
Chronic cystitis–In the period of deterioration, place a warm pillow with cherry pits on the lower abdomen for 10-15 minutes. It will help you heal faster.
Sprains, bruises and swelling – Sprains, bruises and swelling are best treated with cold compresses. Put the pillow in the freezer for two hours, but not directly, but first put it in a bag. Keep the cooled pillow on the painful area for as long as you feel comfortable.
Arthritis-This disease is accompanied by pain, swelling, redness and increased temperature in the area of ​​the affected joints. In addition to the usual medical procedures that you practice according to the doctor’s recommendation, include the use of a cold pillow: 10-15 minutes three up to five times a day until the inflammatory state is reduced.
Monthly break in women-Many women find that during menopause, cold packs are a real lifesaver, at least at certain times, so the right advice is to have cold pillows ready in the freezer, because they will help you with hot flashes. They provide instant relief and lower body temperature.



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