Every man grows 10 to 12 centimeters of hair per year

Every man grows 10 to 12 centimeters of hair per year
Hair is the most beautiful frame of the face. The appearance of hair is the result of care and human health.

  1. Greasy hair – the first symptom of seborrhea is greasy hair. Seborrhea is a natural and temporary phenomenon only for women who have a monthly cycle. If seborrhea is permanent (hair is always greasy), then it is good to seek the advice of a specialist. Otherwise, hair loss and baldness are the most unpleasant consequences of seborrhea.
  2. Shampoo for oily hair – soap with cedar extract (and other products) can be used if the hair is oily only for a short time. In case of permanent seborrhea, all means based on alcohol, acetone and similar preparations should be discarded. A medical examination of the body is also required, according to which the doctor will prescribe preparations.
  3. Weekly washing of oily hair – hair can be washed twice a week with shampoos and soaps with sulfur, oil soaps (with cadmium cedar oil) and acid-based soaps.
  4. Causes of baldness – hair is considered to be closely related to the pituitary gland. According to some American scientists, these problems arise due to a disturbed balance between male and female hormones. However, there is still no means that will permanently prevent the hair from turning gray and the hair from falling out. Today, however, there are many preparations that allow the hair to be lush and grow back quickly.
  5. Dry hair – hair that is occasionally dry is not a problem. It is a transient condition and quickly returns to normal. However, hair can be naturally dry due to insufficient secretion of sebum (because the body directs the fatty acids that should nourish the hair in the other direction). Then you should use supplements, vitamins and means prescribed by the doctor. Hair should be cared for externally with products prescribed by a dermatologist.
  6. Shampoo for dry hair – the best choice is shampoo based on oil, tallow and eggs
  7. Massage is good for all types of hair – scalp massage is preferable in the part of the head that is covered by hair. Cross your fingers and cover your head with your palms, and press the crossed fingers against the hair. This puts pressure on the skin of the hairy part of the head and at the same time on the bony part of the skull. Use your hands to move the skin for about 10 minutes (without reducing the pressure), in the morning and in the evening. This type of massage involves moving the skin in all directions, not finger movements. The fingers should not be moved, but only the palms of the hands so that the pressure does not decrease. This massage is suitable if the hair is oily, dry, cloudy, fragile, often falls out, etc.
  8. Brushing the hair – the hair should be brushed with a semi-soft brush daily in all directions (so that the hair is beautiful and well-groomed). If you pull the brush about 100 times on the hair, then the dust is removed and the hair becomes shiny. If the hair is falling, then brushing is not recommended because it thins even more and the root becomes weaker.
  9. Washing hair with oils and oil shampoos – washing hair with vegetable oils (castor oil, olive oil) is very useful. Soak the hair in oil. Cover it with a heated and pre-moistened towel. Change the warm towel within an hour so that the oil penetrates the roots of the hair. Finally, wash your hair in the usual way.
  10. Dandruff in the lawn – dandruff is caused by microbes, so dandruff is an infectious disease. Hair flaking is always associated with some problem in the body. A doctor’s help is needed. The doctor will determine the appropriate preparations (sulfur-based, oil-based, etc.) according to the type of hair. Hair should not be dyed or subjected to any hairstyles during the treatment process.
  11. Hair growth – an average of 10 to 12 centimeters of hair grows annually. The lifespan of one hair on the scalp is 5 to 6 years, and on the temples is 2 to 4 years. 10 to 30 healthy hairs fall out daily, which are immediately replaced by new hairs (which emerge from the same follicle).
  12. Hair washing – the basic rule is that healthy hair should be washed once every 7 to 10 days.
  13. The most important things when washing your hair – you should always moisten your hair with water before applying soap or shampoo. The hair should be washed in several waters (the first warm, the less warm, alternately). Lemon juice or vinegar can be added to the last water, which will remove traces of soap.
  14. Foods that affect hair growth – these are fish, shellfish, crustaceans and all foods rich in iodine, wheat, liver because it is rich in iron, and vitamin B (in the form of tablets, capsules or injections).

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