6 tips for repairing small defects in houses

6 tips for repairing small defects in houses

  1. Economical use of work surfaces on the stove – if a smaller pot is placed on a larger work surface of the stove, then one third of the produced heat is used (while two thirds is a pure loss of electricity). If you cook in this way on the stove, then it is easy to calculate the daily losses of electricity. It is more useful to use a larger pot (regardless of the volume of food/liquid in the pot), so use the excess water for another use.
  2. Fixing nails – fittings that have been used for a long time (or because of poor workmanship) loosen over time and the nails (screws) fall out. It is difficult to re-fasten fittings (on beds, chairs, etc.) using old screws. It is always better to use new screws, but the first with larger dimensions (instead of the same dimensions).
  3. Repair of household ax – if the ax falls out of the handle, then it can be repaired. Insert a wooden wedge in the middle. This wooden peg is hammered down well until it fits into the wood (and the rest is broken off so it doesn’t get in the way). The inserted wood will be a good reinforcement of the handle and the ax will balance well and be functional.
  4. Manual grinder (for mixing, for meat, etc.) – attach a wooden stand under this device to secure the grinder. Any carpenter can make a stand like this.
  5. Frozen water in the tap – water often freezes in the bathroom or another cold room. Gradual heating with a heater will eliminate this problem. The ice will melt slowly and the pipe will not burst due to the sudden evaporation of water. Keep the faucet open so the water can flow.
  6. Careful handling of the vacuum cleaner – it is not advisable to vacuum one room with a highly stretched hose while the vacuum cleaner is in another room. If the hose from the vacuum cleaner is between the door (which closes easily) then a deformation occurs which causes the vacuum cleaner to work less. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner and the machine from the vacuum cleaner are always in the same room (where the socket is).




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