10 tips for maintaining fabrics in the home (on furniture, upholstery, screens, curtains)

10 tips for maintaining fabrics in the home (on furniture, upholstery, screens, curtains)
One of the dimensions of every home is comfort, which then creates a certain warmth of the home. Householders will find comfort on beds, armchairs, couches, chairs. These pieces of furniture are usually covered with fabrics (like chairs) that need to be cleaned periodically as well as screens and curtains.

  1. Furniture covered with removable covers – first clean all stains from these fabrics (with talc or other stain remover) before hand washing or in the washing machine. It is recommended to mark these stains with thread if they cannot be removed after the first wash. With a brush or an aspirator, clean the accumulated dust in the corners of beds, chairs, non-removable armrests and furniture (while the upholstery is drying).
  2. Half-dry the fabrics if you are afraid that the upholstery will shrink during washing. The fabric will stretch over time according to the shape of the furniture. Another way is to pass the fabric several times with an iron before pulling it on.
  3. Fabric colors are insufficiently stable – then first soak such fabrics, curtains, screens in water with vinegar (one tablespoon of vinegar in 1 liter of water). Allow some time. Wash as usual and iron with a very hot iron.
  4. Wool blankets are best washed in the salted water in which you cooked the cabbage – of course, remove the cabbage from the container. Woolen clothing and household items (covers, pillowcases, blankets) turn yellow over time, so boiled cabbage water is an ideal cleaner for these fabrics.
  5. Raincoats and umbrellas – the fabric (from which umbrellas and raincoats are made) is best washed using a cloth soaked in a solution of water and vinegar (equal parts of water and vinegar).
  6. Unpleasant smell of moisture or stale air in the home – this unpleasant smell is best removed if you pour warm water into a large bowl and add a little turpentine.
  7. Curtains made of all types of fabric-curtains often lose their original color (due to frequent washing, sun or strong light). Wash the curtains in water with a little oxygen (the original color will fade). Then soak the curtains in water with a strong tea or coffee solution. The curtains will have their original color again.
  8. Furniture fabrics on furniture – first brush all upholstered furniture with a soft brush. Then cover with a moistened cloth (preferably an old and worn wet sheet). Beat vigorously with the cane. All collected dust will remain on the sheet (canvas). Replace the moistened cloth with a new, again damp cloth according to needs.
  9. Tablecloths-stains (from wine and the like) will be removed if you soak the tablecloth in hot milk. Otherwise, a tablecloth with a lot of stains will be clean if you soak the tablecloth in a solution of water and liquid soap and add one spoonful of ammonia (one spoonful of ammonia to a liter of water).
  10. Cleaning fruit stains on fabrics in the home – rub the damaged areas on the fabrics with household ammonia solution mixed with 20% oxygen. Then rinse the fabrics in several waters.


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