Left-handed and right-handed people are totally equal

Left-handed and right-handed people are totally equal
The right or left side of the human body is dominant in relation to strength, dexterity, speed of performing certain activities. But there are also people who perform these activities with equal skill with both the right and the left side of the body, i.e. “ambidextrous” people (equally skilled with both hands). This circumstance seems initially insignificant. Nevertheless, many studies indicate that this circumstance is related to emotional disorders, to certain forms of speech defects and reading defects.
Children have the most emotional disorders due to a sudden change from being left-handed to right-handed or use both hands equally
As a result of the “violent” change in the use of the left hand to the right hand, several disorders occur (clumsiness, poorer coordination of movements, irritability, restlessness, slower thinking and confusion associated with a feeling of inferiority). Some psychologists believe that a violent change from hand to hand causes disturbances of some important nervous mechanisms.
Spiritual confusion or blockage also exists in a left-handed person who has not been pressured as a result of training the right hand for tasks (which until then were mainly performed by the left hand). Such children are constantly in doubt as to which hand to use. If a right-handed child performs an action, the same action is expected from a left-handed child. A left-handed person will hesitate at least for a moment before deciding to perform the action in a natural way with the dominant hand (left hand) or to transfer the action to the right hand and thus put himself “in harmony with the majority of people on earth”. Such is the case with handshakes and many situations in school and outside of school. The child is asked to understand what needs to be done and decide with which hand to perform that activity.
Average and spiritually developed left-handed children adapt more easily. Children who learn more slowly or are intellectually behind – constantly live in a state of emotional instability and confusion.
There are theories about the real cause of the dominance of one side of the body

It has been argued that a right-handed person is a consequence of the right side of the body being heavier because the liver and other organs are on the right side of the body. However, the liver is on the right side in left-handed people as well. In recent times, the prevailing theory is that the dominance of one side of the body is connected with the speech center (located on one hemisphere of the cerebral cortex). This is supported by the fact that the dominance of one side of the body could not be determined in animals (animals do not have a developed center for speech).
The center for speech was gradually created on the cortex of the cerebrum (during the development of the human species). The center for control and coordination of the movements of the left and right hand was formed in the corresponding place on the opposite side of the hemisphere. This is how left-handedness and right-handedness arose. The center for speech is located on the right hemisphere of the brain in right-handed people, and the center for hand control is on the left. The case is reversed in left-handed people.
A violent change in orientation from left to right hand may or may not be fully accomplished

Many scientists believe that this change is impossible. Practice shows that this change can be done without emotional disturbances, the appearance of stuttering and similar unwanted consequences – if it is done in the child’s early childhood, while the speech has not yet consolidated and developed. Complications arise if a violent change from left to right hand is made at an age when left-handedness is established.
The most visible successes are achieved if the dominance of one side is no longer pronounced
Science believes that the dominance of one side of the body is hereditary (because many left-handed parents have left-handed children). From this fact, it is further concluded that left-handedness is the result of example and learning.
Left-handed people have no reason to be depressed
Several Egyptian pharaohs were left-handed, many Roman Caesars, Alexander the Great, Charlemagne and Michelangelo used their left hand throughout their lives.



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