Rubbing your back (while bathing) is like a 24-hour stay in the fresh air

Rubbing your back (while bathing) is like a 24-hour stay in the fresh air

Cleanliness is the hygiene of the body, but also a sign of discipline and a “healthy soul”.
Accessories for cleaning the body (from dead skin cells, dust, etc.):

  • Large stone (pumice stone)
  • A softer brush
  • Soap
  • Warm water
  • Glycerin and cologne (mixed in a ratio of 50:50).
  1. How to reduce the belly during bathing – dip a soft bathing brush in a solution of water and liquid soap. Brush the stomach in circular motions, focusing especially on the part above the waist (where excess body mass accumulates).
  2. Cleaning the thighs – gently brush the thighs and legs above the knees with a brush dipped in a solution of warm water and liquid soap so that the small spots on the skin disappear. Rub your thighs and legs more vigorously if you have fatty deposits.
  3. Wash your body starting from the feet – stand in the cabin (or bathtub). Spray the legs with water up to the knees. Gently rub your legs again with the brush. Rub your feet, heels and knees with a stone. You can also slowly rub the upper parts with a stone (if your skin is not sensitive).
  4. For firm breasts, brush with circular movements “climbing” towards the neck. Then “go down” to the shoulders. Rub elbows with wet hands and a stone (for feet).
  5. Clean back – finish bathing by brushing your back. Rub vigorously as this removes dead skin cells. This kind of back rub is equivalent to a 24-hour stay in the fresh air.
  6. Cleaning the face with soap. Rub your face with a soft brush. Then dip the brush in a solution of water and liquid soap and scrub your face again. Wipe your face with a terry towel from the chin to the forehead.
  7. Wiping with a towel. Rub each part of the body with a terry towel until it is completely dry. Rub the glycerin mixture on your legs, thighs and arms.

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