14 truths or myths about the daily care of an adult

14 truths or myths about the daily care of an adult
Certain rules exist for all aspects of life, including daily care, although we are not always sure of the correctness of these rules. For example, why it is necessary to brush your hair only in the morning and in the evening.

  1. Hair should be brushed vigorously every morning and evening – this is true because combing longer hair releases impurities (while fat spreads over the entire head). The hair is aired and becomes airy, softer and shinier. Hair brushing only benefits healthy hair.
  2. Remove makeup before going to bed – this is correct because the secretion of the glands accumulates (and prevents the exchange of substances). The skin becomes anemic, colorless and too sensitive.
  3. Fat cream should not be put on the eyes (on the outside of the eyes) – and this is correct because this is the most sensitive part of the face. The skin loses firmness and retains fluid due to the effect of the fat cream. The result is “swelling” under the eyes and swelling of the eyes.
  4. Sweets should not be eaten before going to bed – the remains of sugar remain between the teeth, they disintegrate. Acid is created from sugar residues, which damages tooth enamel, tooth roots and causes tooth decay.
  5. It is preferable to sleep without a pillow – this is partly true. Pillows bring the chin closer to the chest. Wrinkles on the neck and under the neck are created during sleep as a result.
  6. Water should not be drunk during meals because there is a risk of fatty deposits – this is also true. The liquid (which immediately reaches the blood) also pulls certain parts of the food, so the body mass easily accumulates in the body. It is therefore better to drink water before eating, because then the appetite increases.
  7. Women use a bra from an early age, even if their breasts are small and perfectly shaped – this is partially true. Breasts that are not supported by any muscles are subject to the effect of weight and will be relaxed if such breasts are not supported by anything.
  8. You should not shave or pull facial hair with tweezers – this is true because constant pulling of hair with tweezers increases hair growth. Light fluffy hairs turn into dark, thick and sharp hairs over time.
  9. It is unnecessary to keep the face cream on during the night. -residues that the skin does not absorb (after one or 2 hours because the oversaturated pores did not receive this residue) soften and stretch the skin.
  10. Hair dyeing and various hairstyles are not recommended during a woman’s monthly cycle – Gland secretion changes the secretion of sebum and the chemical composition of the skin on the head (at the touch of which the use of chemicals changes or breaks down).
  11. Imperfect parts of the face should be made up with dark make-up – light make-up emphasizes irregularities, while dark make-up hides them.
  12. The perfume is tried on the skin and never by inhaling from the container. This is true because the alcohol first evaporates and prevents the perfume from penetrating.
  13. In the last rinse, the hair should be rinsed with water and lemon juice (or vinegar). With the acidic reaction, the chemical effect of the shampoo, which can be harmful to the hair, is neutralized.
  14. The teeth should be rinsed with cold water – this is correct and useful because it reveals the initial damage to the tooth. Warm water will soften the flesh around the teeth.



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