15 interesting stories about New York (written information of tourists from the 20th century)

15 interesting stories about New York (written information of tourists from the 20th century)

  1. New York is made up of 5 “huge cities”, but as soon as a person says “New York” – everyone immediately thinks of Manhattan (an island between two rivers, the tip of which is pointed at the sea). It is interesting that tourists completely forget about the sea among these skyscrapers. And then the siren of a ship approaching the New York pier (almost invisible but always present) is heard.
  2. Each year is like a whole century for New York in terms of changes in the city. “The Biggest Demolition Company in the World” cheerfully posts a square cardboard (attached to a multi-story building) on a building that is starting to collapse under the blows of some diabolical machine. You arranged a meeting with a friend in a small tavern “Kod Joa”, as usual you arrive at the meeting place – but the tavern is no longer there. The pub was demolished and now there is a huge hole. In a short time, there will be a glass or iron and shiny new multi-storey building in that place. The high-rise glistens in the sun with elevators that shoot like rockets at the push of a button.
  3. New York doesn’t really like old things, and old is also something that is only 20 years old. The tourist feels that the city is humming with impatience in front of those few brown brick houses with small gardens from the past. All of that needs to be dug up again because the city needs new solutions. New York is without a past and New York is present only in the present, but New York is actually a whole city of the future.
  4. New skyscrapers were built to accommodate new offices in these buildings. In New York, you work, but you live less. Rent is high and schools are overcrowded and children have little space to play. Employed people storm the trains at 19 and go home to the suburbs. Only too rich and too poor people stay in New York. However, New York, surrounded by such a night, gives an unusual physiognomy.
  5. Times Square attracts visitors like a light that attracts butterflies. Times Square shines with thousands of colorful lights. Times Square is a meeting place for people who visit theaters and cinemas. Sailors on a day off walk along Times Square and “friends of the night” eat popcorn. It is surrounded by the smell of sausages being grilled outside and shots from carbines (because shots are fired at a small stand and the reward for the one who hits the target is a small porcelain doll). The Broadway festivities never stop within these few hundred yards.
  6. Broadway is a long avenue because New York is actually made up of long avenues intersected by numbered streets. The festival is therefore around 42nd Street. But, there is complete silence around 28th Street in the clothing industry district.
  7. Harlem is located at the other end of Broadway. White people only go to nightclubs there. On the walls of the poster is a black family gathered around a table with a bowl of oatmeal on it. The so-called “Black Harlem” is drowning in Puerto Rican Harlem. There are conflicts, gang fights and moments of wild fights where “white and black” Harlem meets Puerto Ricans.
  8. Fifth Avenue is the most luxurious part of the city. It shines with the brilliance of shop windows. Here, women wear minks like a uniform. Fifth Avenue runs along Central Park. New York is a jewel that shimmers with brilliance (especially during winter) if a visitor views this city from Central Park during the evening hours. Darkness descends on the city early. The light comes on from top to bottom and shines like diamonds on the skyscrapers where people still work.
  9. Spring will replace winter in New York because nothing lasts forever. The Japanese cherry trees in Central Park are covered with blossoms within hours. Japanese cherries lose those flowers that wither – and that’s the end of it all. Summer has come. Spring in New York just passes through the streets and is already gone.
  10. Summer in New York has a humid, sometimes heavy and unbearable heat. Entire families come out to spend the night on benches along the Hudson River waiting for the breeze. Babies cry can be heard everywhere. All of Harlem was swallowed up at the windows or on the emergency stairs (those obligatory iron stairs intended for emergency evacuation in case of fire). Everyone with their cars rushes towards the intersection where the magnificent highways begin. Then they all meet on those highways and barely move forward as the engines spew smoke.
  11. Summer lasts a long time in New York. Poor black residents stay in the city and walk the streets of the city in August. The whole city becomes a city of black residents, overworked typists, housewives tired of their jobs. But in that collective steam room there is no unpleasant smell thanks to deodorants and soaps – those gods of American production.
  12. Girls from New York look “like they came out of the box” even during the summer. Perfectly dressed with a perfect hairstyle as if they don’t know carelessness. New York is terrified of overused things because everything needs to be new or at least look like new. Things are thrown away and new ones are bought at the slightest sign of wear and tear.
  13. New York has and does not have a soul. It has no soul because it is huge and stones do not speak. But, people they create their own islands to survive and stay in the city. The Italians have a quarter, the Chinese have a part of the city, while, for example, the Germans have built pubs where you feel like you’re in Munich.
  14. Rhythm, dynamics, optimism and people full of life give New York a certain uniqueness. The whole city constantly emits some inexhaustible energy. Taxi cars are brightly colored, the suits are not black or gray, while the avenues are in fact – whole rivers of colors. New Yorkers are good natured, laugh easily and are kind to everyone. “Honey” is the word that saleswomen say to customers while the taxi says “Smile and relax while I drive you.”
  15. Let yourself experience a surprise sometimes while staying in New York. There used to be a small swamp in Central Park. Migratory birds gathered there during the spring. Then an article appeared in the newspaper that the swamp was going to be buried and asphalted. There was a big fuss about it. Well-known journalists and many businessmen said at the time: “You will not pass through here while we are alive.” The city administration complied and the birds still come and visit the favorite wetland.

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