Older Sibling vs. Younger Sibling (Helpful Tips)

Older Sibling vs. Younger Sibling (Helpful Tips)
The relationship between an older brother and a younger sister and vice versa are very similar to the relationship between parents (guardians) and children. Life experience gives valuable advice that can be useful to many future generations.

  1. The younger brother brings you his new mobile phone, toy, book or some other object – the older sister should not be indifferent or insufficiently interested. However, a new mobile phone or toy is not an excuse for a younger brother to clean his shoes, take out the trash or make the bed at least occasionally.
  2. Arguments between brothers and sisters-arguments are usually a passing phenomenon. An even greater closeness usually arises after quarrels and quarrels. Elders should not intervene in such circumstances. Discussions (even heated discussions) are necessary for shaping a person’s character.
  3. The older sister has some requirements from the younger brother (or vice versa) – comply with the requirements and you should not give up even if the younger brother cries (because that crying is usually a whim and not a sincere cry). But, the older sister should not have excessive demands from the younger brother (whose main duty is school, but also sports and entertainment). The older sister should encourage the younger one or initiate positive changes.
  4. Older brothers and sisters should not condescend to the younger ones – this endangers the independence of the younger population, which can cause serious consequences during puberty.



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