4 basic face care products for every age

4 basic face care products for every age
Every person can take care of their face with even the most minimal products if they apply these products correctly and in accordance with their skin type.

  1. Milk is the best facial cleanser and makeup remover – this is one of the most basic care products. These preparations free the epidermis from dust and impurities and from makeup that irritates the skin and does not please the skin. These preparations allow the skin to breathe freely overnight. You can replace these preparations with a solution of plain clean water and mild liquid soap (in the absence of facial cleansing products). Facial milk is the best choice of preparation for a cleansed face (if you are not sure about choosing the right product). Milk cleans the skin well, does not create greasy deposits and has a refreshing effect. Plain milk is suitable for all skin types. The milk should be thick and almost not perfumed. Lotions (intended exclusively for oily skin) can be strong and dry or irritate the skin. Pour a little milk into the fist of one hand and put the milk on your face with your fingertips (if you soak a piece of cotton wool, the cotton wool will absorb most of the liquid). Spread the milk on your face in circular motions. Remove with a cotton ball without pressing the skin.
  2. Lotion-lotion stimulates tissue vitality, which means that it prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the face for a long time. The lotion also “fights” against the effect of fat bodies (and the skin softens and relaxes under the influence of fat bodies). The lotion tightens the pores and makes the skin smooth while the makeup is properly distributed on the face. The lotion should be used mostly in the morning. The skin gets a feeling of waking up and releasing night secretions after applying the lotion. The lotion can be used in the evening (and after removing makeup). It is recommended to use lotions with plants and flowers (rose water, orange blossom), which can be purchased in stores and pharmacies. A lotion with a little alcohol, camphor or menthol is used for normal skin tone. A lotion without alcohol and with plant extracts is good for dry skin. For oily skin, there is a lotion with alcohol, but without exaggeration in its use. For sensitive skin, there is an alcohol lotion with azuline (for example). Put the lotion on a piece of cotton wool and apply it to your face.
  3. Nourishing cream – day and night cream, moisturizing cream, nourishing cream, anti-wrinkle cream – each of these products maintains the vitality of the epidermis, has a beneficial effect on the formation of young cells and maintains tissue elasticity. The nourishing cream should be easily absorbed into the skin and be less (or more) greasy, depending on the type of skin and the age of the user. A small amount is enough. Leave it on your face for 2 to 3 hours during the day. Apply the cream by gently tapping or massaging in a thin layer. Put the cream on the neck as well. Then pat your face with a cotton ball dipped in lotion.
  4. Day creams Рthese types of preparations protect the skin from the sun and hide facial irregularities or are a good base for powder. They protect against the negative effect of makeup, which always dries out the skin a little. The day cream should be of moderate thickness. It can be used instead of a foundation for makeup (fon de ten) if it is colored. For dry skin, the best choice is a colorless cream from the earliest years, it is especially useful if you live in an area exposed to winds. Cream with cholesterol, with lanolin, with vegetable or animal oil is the best choice (because it compensates for the lack of sebum and moisture). After cleansing the face and applying lotion, then apply the day cream on the face, neck and d̩colletage.
  5. Recycling the packaging of creams, serums and lotions – if you keep packaging (boxes, small jars, glass containers) of used cosmetic products for a new purpose – then clean the packaging beforehand with a little warm water, coffee grounds and baking soda. Coffee grounds will perfectly clean all types of cosmetic product packaging (especially glass packaging), which will then have a new purpose (according to your choice).


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